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nobody likes being played (oh) beyonce beyonce (oh) shakira shakira (hey)
verse 1:
he کہا i'm worth his one desire i know things about him that آپ wouldn't want to read about kiss me his one only (yes) beutiful liar tell me how آپ tolerate the things آپ just found about we'll never know why are we the ones who suffer? i have to let go he he won't be the to cry
(aye) let's not kill the karma (aye) let's not start a fight (aye) it's not worth the drama for a beuatiful liar can't we laugh about it? (hahaha) (oh) it's not worth our time (oh) we can live without him just a beutiful liar
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Act 1: I Am...
Main Stage
"Déjà Vu"
"Crazy in Love"
Work It Out (Sax Interlude)
"Naughty Girl"
"Freakum Dress"
"Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)"
Act 2: Ave Maria
Heads یا Tails/Beyonce Vs. Sasha Fierce Video
"Smash Into You"
"Satellites" (contains excerpts from "Disappear")
"Ave Maria" (contains excerpts from "Angel")
Piano Solo (Instrumental Interlude)
"If I Were a Boy" (contains excerpts from "You Oughta Know")
Act 3: Sasha Fierce
Dancer Interlude & Fierce Cheetah Video
Diva Introduction
"Sweet Dreams"(contains excerpts from "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)")
"Me, Myself, and I"
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