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This is a fic about Blair losing her virginity to chuck rather than her boyfriend Nate, who she had always dreamt and planned on losing it to. This is a post-Victor-Victrola story. Unlike other fics about this storyline it focuses on Blair's feelings about herself, Nate and Chuck too. It is still a Chuck/Blair story. Its mainly Blair feeling confident and proud that she gets to have a happy moment without her cheating, never-there boyfriend and how someone else (chuck) was there for her and made her feel worthy and it has made her realise that she is worth it and doesn't need to...
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Author: MegamiTenchi at

Oh lord, the world is ending! I wrote a fic with a baby باس, گھنگھور in it. Exploration of one of the millions of ways the end of Season 4 could go. Rated K, though it's really weepy.

Chuck followed the butler through the halls of palace. Every space was full of light and he found comfort in this, thinking yes, she belongs in a place like this. It was a long walk, but at last, he was led into a room. He had no illusions that his visit could possibly be anything good, but he was disturbed not only to see Blair and Louis, but several advisors, and Princess Sophie....
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