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here it goes it is the finale i hope آپ enjoyed reading it as much fun as i enjoyed writing it. please review. there will be a epiloge

Bass apartment:

chuck woke up with fluttering in his stomach. the same fluttering he felt the first time he slept with blair. he knew this was because this was the دن that he got blair back. after making the worst decision of his life leaving blair 4 years پہلے to look after their daughter on her own. he finally got the love of his life back. plus the most beautiful little girl he could ever imagine. they were...
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Sorry for the long get's in the way! Im graduating soon and then I need to find a job so im busy, busy, busy! Thank آپ for being so patient and for keeping with this fic! I really hope آپ like how it's going...

Also, after this chapter I wont be writing any مزید smut(detailed sex scenes) from now on, firstly because I dont like writing it and I only did because I genuinely thought it was what readers would like to read because of the lack of Chair action on the show, but I have become sick of reading smut myself and I have realised through one of my other fics that readers...
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Rated: References to adult themes...

It had been a few days now and the team had spent their time educating themselves about their current lives and the world they now lived in. Particularly Nate and Chuck who needed to learn so much about politics and باس, گھنگھور Industries respectively. Lucky for them it would be expected of them not to know too much anyway as Nate was still studying and Chuck was practically new to the company.

Serena was a natural, once she had found her P.A everything had just fallen into place for her. She had just been offered a new تصویر shoot and was looking آگے to getting...
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 Been in the Wars Chuck?
Been in the Wars Chuck?
Episode 10: Gangs in New York

GG: Gossip just in. Chuck Bass. The wonderer returns, Looking quite rough, Where have آپ been C? In the Ghetto? But it's not important where you've been it's what آپ did we want to know about...

At the Kingston Plaza in Queens.
Blair and Dan are making their way to Chuck's room in the elevator.

B: (breathing deeply)
D: Calm down
B: آپ calm down, I don't know what state I'm going to find him in
D: Look he's there, so he's alive
B: (gives him an unpleased look)

(Elevator gets to the 9th floor)

Dan and Blair step out of the elevator and walk towards Chuck's room.

D: Ready?...
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At first Serena stood where Chuck had left her in the middle of the room. Then with a deep sigh she looked away from where he had disappeared and instead looked over to her best friend still standing in the doorway.

“I am sorry B”, she کہا walking up to her, “I can’t believe he…listen… I am just gonna leave, there is no point talking to him when he is like this and despite everything I really need to tell my mom we found him. آپ coming with me?”

Blair slowly turned her head and met her friend’s eyes, a blank expression on her face. And then she shook her head, still not saying...
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He barely allowed himself to catch a glimpse of her before diverting his gaze, staring into the lush carpet covering the floor. Cursing himself یا ever returning to the suite in the first place after spending nights away. She was so beautiful, he thought - his mind racing - so perfect. How did he ever, if only just for a سیکنڈ یا two, imagine that there would be a someday for the two of them? That he deserved a someday with anyone none the less with her? He wasn’t worthy of her, of anything, all he did was hurt the people around him. His insides raging he could feel the protective layers...
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 Late Night???
Late Night???
Episode 02- Last Nights رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا is Today's Lunch!

Gossip Girl: # Spotted, non-virgin, leaving the باس, گھنگھور Bar at 6 in the morning?...wearing last nights attire...who had a late night? Thats our girl! آپ know آپ love me! #

Later on:
Serena approaches Blair who is walking into school.

S: ارے B! Wait up.

Blair looks back but continues to walk.

S: B? How are you? oh Ye how was last night. did آپ make an appearance?
B: It was dull.
S: Really? The Basses dont do dull! Come on what was it really like?

Chuck comes up from behind inviting himself to the conversation.

C: What was what like? (gives Blair...
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I'm gonna write something diffrent from the normal پرستار fiction. I'm going to write a scene for Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair.


Chuck Bass
Blair Waldorf
Serena وین der Woodsen
Dan Humphrey

Chuck has waited so long to tell Blair he loves her, that she has fallen out of love with him. Chuck is in total regret about what he hasn't done, and tried everything to convince Blair she still loves him.
- Dan, Serena and Blair are in a cafe.

Scene 3- Cafe in the Lower East Side

Serena and Dan are kissing in another area of the cafe.
Blair walks up to Dan and Serena.

Blair: Ohh excuse me while I...
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This is my first پرستار fiction so please don't be harsh. Blair and Chuck have been dating in secret for one month, she's still with Lord Marcus, will she tell the Lord that the man she is really in love with isn't him?

Blair knew what she had to do. Chuck had convinced her of this, all he wanted to do was be able to spoil her in public, but he couldn't as she was already taken, سے طرف کی a Lord, how could he live up to that?

Blair knew she loved Chuck but she didn't want to hurt Marcus, but her دل rested with Chuck, ever since he gave her the Erikkson Beamen ہار that he presented to her on her...
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OMG where to start where to start.... tonights episode once again was great.... i dont know if it was just me being emotional یا what but parts of it made me cry! This episode was sad sexy hott romantic and intriging all at once!!!

the episode starts off with chuck at his house drinking it up and looks like he is igsausted.. (sorry if آپ havent figured it out سے طرف کی now im a horrible speller)..anyways آپ can so tell he is not dealing with this whole blair and marcus thing very well... it is clearly putting a strain on him .. he confided in both nate and serena about this in scenes further into...
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A Million Love Songs Later

A/N: Right so sorry this chapter is really later than usual. The heat here has been unbearable! I can't do anything it's awful! And everytime I go to the ساحل سمندر, بیچ I get burnt so I'm not happy and it really hurts. Anyway this story is almost over, which is kinda sad since I do love writing it but I have my other one so... There is only six مزید chapters and an epilogue then it's over. Anyway I hope آپ like this chapter, let me know what آپ thought I really appreciate it. Thank آپ so much xoxo

Chapter 18: Head یا Heart

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 Blair just keeps going from bad to WORSE!
Blair just keeps going from bad to WORSE!
Episode 13- The Curious Case of Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl: # I don't know about آپ but this has to be the hottest gossip we've had all year!
According to our reliable sources, we hear Blair Waldorf's love loss isn't her only problem!
I'm talking food, fingers, throat and puke! آپ Know آپ Love Me xoxo #

It has been a few days since Blair and Chucks limo ride from Victrola.
Jenny an Serena are talking at the Humphrey House.

J: i swear, i didn't tell anyone, i've got no reason to!
S: so how does it end up on Gossip Girl?! If i didn't tell anyone and آپ didn't then who did?!
J: I don't know ok!...
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