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Okay,So I found a way to get my bag back!I opened my door slowly,Looked around,Saw no one,I ran across the hall.I stopped at the couch,i got on my knees.Then I heard Matthew."Mom!Please!a few more!!"
He Begged."NO!!!I'm tired,Later Though!"Mom said.Matthew came in,Mad.He headed to his room.I ran to the kitchen,Unzipped my backpack,got the candy.Ran to my room,locked the door.and spilled the candy in my "Emergency"stash box.I opened a Smackers Bar,And I ate five that night.I called my friend,Emma."Hi Emma,It's Sandra.Call me back whenever.My number is 918-342-5673,K bye!"I hate voice mail!I called...
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Random Quotes about Candy and Chocolate!


2. Your sweeter than the sweetest candy :) <3

3. When someone throws skittles at آپ and says, "Taste the rainbow!" throw M&M's back and say, "I'm not afraid!"

4. People get wasted from alcohol. Me? I get wasted from candy.

5. When your stash of candy is gone, it was probably your dad...

6. Sweet like candy

7. Chocolate is great, but your family and دوستوں is better. xD

8. There's nothing a little bit of chocolate can't fix.

9. I got Skittles in my mouth. Wanna taste the rainbow?

10. Just give me the freaking candy!!

11. Candy is my BFF!

12. I want to have a nice body, but I want some chocolate مزید :P

Candy is yummy! is the most important thing tho.

ذریعہ - google images.
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Milton Hershey was born on September 13, 1857, in a farmhouse near the Central Pennsylvania village of Derry Church. Milton was in the fourth grade when his Mennonite father, Henry Hershey, found his son a position as an printer's apprentice in Gap, Pennsylvania. Milton later became an apprentice to a candy-maker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and candy-making became a passion which Milton grew to love.
Milton Hershey - First Candy Shop

In 1876, when Milton was only eighteen-years old, he opened his own candy دکان in Philadelphia. However, the دکان was closed after six years and Milton moved to...
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