Code Geass Today I watched the first ep of Code Geass :D

Yurie-Chan posted on May 01, 2010 at 09:33PM
Code Geass was really different from what I thought it would be! I read about it some time ago on Wikipedia,but still...
I thought that the main person was Suzaku and that HE found C.C. And that Lelouch was...kinda the bad guy,but not the bad guy xD I thought he wanted to destroy Britannia, and killed people and was a little evil xD
Whatever he was going to be like,he has been a favorite anime boy for a long time beacuse he's so HAWT :3 I'm kinda happy and not so happy that it's Jun Fukuyama that voiced him,beacuse he's a good seiyu :) but Yuuichi Nakamura (he voices Ikuto from Shugo Chara) would fit much better :3

So this is what I think so far xD
Tell about you'r first thoughts of Code Geass!

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