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Courage:What happened?!
Brave:I'm fat!
Courage:*Looks at belly*Oh no...
Brave:Oh no what?!
Courage:Well lets just say...Your pregnant!
Brave:What?!This can't be! It's too early to happen!
Courage:Well I guest it's just bad timing.
Brave:Let's go to the doctor to check this out!
*Courage and Brave at the doctor*
Brave:Doctor will the babies be twins?
Doctor:No,It will be a boy and a girl.
Brave:Ok then,When will i have them?
Doctor:In 2 Months.
Courage:Well that seems early compared to all the other babies who were born.
Doctor:Yes Indeed,Now آپ two are gonna have to leave cause it's my lunch break now.
Brave:Ok,Courage lets go.
*Courage and Brave leave the doctor*
 cool doggy.
cool doggy.
Courage, Mureil went shopping to the Quilt Store. The weird thing Courage and Mureil saw the store clerk, has two heads on their body. Mureil is try to get in the quilt club. And a little later Mureil got in the quilt club. Courage was upset and mad, he is doing any he can to get his Mureil back. Courage tied up the stitch sister. He stitch a memory quilt on the big quilt. Courage got mad and he riped his فر, سمور کوٹ pants off and stitch it on the big quilt. A good thing Courage is wearing his boy underwear. Courage got his Mureil back.

The End!
 Smart doggy.
Smart doggy.
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Courage and Carmen are enjoying a lovely night together
Courage:Carmen are u having a wonderful night?
Carmen:why yes I am courage
As the head back ہوم there are playing these words ny Natasha beddingfield
Carmen:these words are my own I love u I love u. I love u courage
Courage:I love u too Carmen
Up ahead is a hitchhiker
Hitchhiker: could I have a ride my names Jeff and u guys are?
Carmen:my name is Carmen and this is Courage hop in
Jeff:thanks u guys
Both:ur welcome
Carmen:Jinks courage u owe me a sode
Courage: do I now?
Carmen: yup u do
Courage: ok ok I'll get u one
Carmen opens the soda and takes a drink
Carmen: refreshing
Now the radio is playing Michael Jackson human nature all of them began to sing

The end
Love tepiglover ^_^
Courage and Carmen are out one night with there new friend Jeff. Jeff is a floating head!
Carmen:So Jeffrey where u from
Jeff:Glad u ask Carmen I'm from nowhere Kansas just like u guys this is my stop later guys
Courage & Carmen:Later Jeff
Miles down the road Courage and Carmen run into traffic
Carmen:Man,now we'll never make it to the river(Cincinnati River)
Courage:Oh we will gorgeous!
Carmen:And how?
Courage:Sweetheart must I remind u that u have wings!
Carmen:Oh yea I do don't I.
Courage pulls of to the side of the road
Carmen:Are u ready?
Courage and Carmen are on the سب, سب سے اوپر of the car
Carmen:Hold on Courage
They make it to the river just in time to watch the sunset
Courage:Um Carmen I have some thing to ask u
Carmen:Yes Courage
Just as courage gets to ask her Katz and Cajun لومڑی come out of nowhere along with Eustice!
Carmen:Courage help!
Courage:Hold on Carmen I'm coming!

To be continued...
Courage hears something outside so do carmen and Shirley
Courage:do u guys hear something?
Carmen and Shirley:yes
They all get up from میز, جدول and walk to the door
Courage:oh no it's king Ramses he wants his slab
King Ramses:Return the slab یا suffer my curse
Shirley:we're did the stupid one put the slab (walks off to find it)
Carmen:what's he talking about courage?
Courage:a slab that eutice چرا لیا, چوری کی a long time پہلے and I guess he چرا لیا, چوری کی it again
Carmen:oh um courage what's going on!
Courage:oh no the first plague
Courage grabs Carmen and Shirley and run out of the house
Carmen:courage u saved me. Thank u (kisses him on the head)
Courage:oh it was nothing
Courage goes back in the house to find the slab in the closet
Courage:hey Carmen
Courage:could u fly this back to king Ramses!
Carmen flys past Ramses and drops the slab اگلے to Ramses
King Ramses:thank u for returning the slab
All:ur welcome bye

The End
Love tepiglover
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 courage and corabella
courage and corabella
the things i do for love and mrs corabella has log on
the things i do for love-who u
mrs Corabella -im part of no where i اقدام اگلے door im a talking dog
the things i do for love-so am i u sound nice
Mrs Corabella:don't let me fool u
the things i do for love-well u sound so um
Mrs Corabella-like what
the things i do for love-well pretty
Mrs Corabella-aw thank u im Corabella
the things i do for love-im Courage
Mrs Corabella-thats a cute name wanna go get a bit to eat u can دکھائیں me the town
the things i do for love-sure i can but i need my master truck for that my sweet is that ok with u
Mrs Corabella-just fine my Courage
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