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Gideon is seated in his office. JJ enters, hands him a file, and tells him they have identified the girl in the video as Rebecca Bryant. He tells her to leave it on the desk. He seems to be preoccupied.

In the bullpen, the team is still puzzling about the cipher. As they study a large sheet of paper on the دیوار with the cipher written on it, they realize they will need the exact book, the correct volume, and the right publication تاریخ to decipher the unsub's message. Reid thinks he knows the poem from the موسیقی box, not because he had read it, in which case he would have instantly known because...
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Heres some information on the head of our fave BAU Team, Aaron Hotchner!

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner is unit chief of Quantico's Behavioral Analysis Unit, and the direct superior of all special agents.

Name: Aaron Hotcher
Gender: Male
Family: Haley Hotchner (ex-wife)
Jack (son)
Sean (brother)
Job: Supervisory Special Agent
Rank: BAU Chief Specialty Profiler
Status: Unknown P
Portrayed By: Thomas Gibson
First Appearance: Extreme Aggressor

Hotch was a former profiler in the Seattle, WA field Office before transferring to Quantico. His struggles to maintain his family life have been an ongoing...
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Clip between Rossi, مورگن and Reid
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