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Short News: Congratulations Radcakes from 'Uk'
We Have Done it!
Daniel Radcliffe Wins 'Male Rear of The سال 2015' through UK-based پرستار Voting!

Detail: The ‘Rear of the Year’ is a light hearted award presented annually to British شخصیات مشہور with prize-winning rear assets. It was created سے طرف کی publicity consultant Tony Edwards and is organised سے طرف کی Rear of the سال Limited.

The ‘Rear of the Year’ trophy is presented to both a male and a female celebrity each سال but a pre-event فہرست of contenders is never published so that bookmaker speculation on the outcome is pure conjecture.

Congratulations to this years male rear - Daniel Radcliffe!
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''Field Of Poppies'' feat Nuala!
Video Song Coming Soon About 'Daniel Jacob Radcliffe'

Lyrics: C A L L - M E - M R S - R A D C L I F F E
Who would have thought I would be running around a forest, chasing my one true love in Ascot today. Daniel, your charm has melted me.

Details: New موسیقی video 🎥🎬 - Field Of Poppies feat Nuala. Coming soon.
Ben Kingsley and Brie Larson Joins Daniel Radcliffe In His Upcoming Film "Brooklyn Bridge"
It precedes the historical drama " Brooklyn Bridge "by Douglas McGrath ("Nicholas Nickleby"), which acts as a director and screenwriter. As Variety reports, take Sir Ben Kingsley and Brie Larson ("Short Term 12 - Silent Heroes") on the side of "Harry Potter" سٹار, ستارہ Daniel Radcliffe , the other main roles in the film. Kingsley plays John A. Roebling, the father of Radcliffe's character Washington, Larson embodies Emily, Washington's wife. Based on true events is the movie Washington Roebling (Daniel Radcliffe)...
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