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This is a scene of the death of Victor Lang from the "Desperate Housewives" episode "Something's Coming".
desperate housewives
something's coming
victor lang
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The death toll in FairView has reached an alarming rate of 36 people who have died over the years and Those People are:

1.Juanita Solis (Carlos Mother)
2.Edie Britt-Williams (Dave Williams Wife)
3.Mary Alice Young (Paul young's wife)
4.Martha Huber (Edie Best Friend)
5.Rex وین De Camp (Bree's Exhusband)
6.George Williams (Bree's Exboyfriend)
7.Matthew AppleWhite (Betty Applewhite Son)
8.Nora Huntington (Tom's one night stand)
9.Victor lang (Gabbrielle Exhusband)
10.Monique polier (Orson Mistress)
11.Alma Hodge (Orson Exwife)
12.Diedre Taylor (mike's Exwife and Noah Daughter)
13.Ida Greenburg (Mrs. McClusky...
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Desperate Housewife Lynette Scavo, a portrayal made famous سے طرف کی actress Felicity Huffman, will lose one of her five children during this year’s season finale, tabloid moles for The National Enquirer say:

“Eva Longoria made noises early in the season about leaving and moving to San Antonio to be with her NBA husband, Tony Parker, and Nicolette Sheridan’s eternally disgruntled - but they’re both coming back اگلے season. So the producers, desperate for drama, turned to Lynette’s family. The death of her child will really amp up the tragedy and emotion her character will suffer in the season finale.”
According to the مضمون published in link

We knew that one fallout of the shocking 5 سال leap on Desperate Housewives would be the loss of یا recasting of certain characters on the show.

It seems that one of these instances will be with Susan's daughter Julie, played سے طرف کی Andrea Bowen.

Bowen first thought that she might have to cut her hair یا something, in an attempt to look older; she was completely surprised when she learned that her character was being removed from the دکھائیں entirely. Teri Hatcher - who plays her TV mother Susan - was really upset about this news and has said, "This is a totally...
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Voted سے طرف کی the شائقین on Fanpop

#1 Gabrielle Solis

#2 Bree Hodge

#3 Lynette Scavo

#4 Angie Bolen

#5 Edie Britt

#6 Katherine Mayfair

#7 Mary Alice Young

#8 Ana Solis

#9 Julie Mayer

#10 Dylan Mayfair

#11 Betty Applewhite

#12 Xiao Mei

#13 Alma Hodge

#14 Felicia Tilman

#15 Gloria Hodge

#16 Nora Huntington

#17 Martha Huber

#18 Susan Mayer

#19 Danielle وین De Kamp
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