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Doraemon is a cat like robot,
His eyes are made with a dot.
Nobita is lazy,
When he think about study,
He get crazy.
Doraemon like doracakes,
'Trouble' is a thing which Nobita makes.
Shizuka is a girl,
She looks like a pearl.
Suneo butters up Gian,
because he is 'shaitan'.
(shaitan is a hindi word means very horrific.If Suneo will مکھن up Gian, he will not beat him)
Gian is ugly and fat,
Doraemon is afraid of rats.
During homework-
Nobita is asked to learn
During marathon-
Nobita is asked to run.
Gian always make Nobita's fun,
After playing baseball under the hot sun.
(means when players are available, Nobita is not needed for playing baseball)
Sewashi was the person سے طرف کی whom Doraemon was sent,(to 21st century)
Now let's put the poem's end.
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