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Title: Ten random facts about Edward Cullen
Pairing: Edward/Bella, all other canon Cullen pairings implied
Rating: PG13
Summary: Ten things about Edward.
A/N: Again, this goes beyond the format, but I see no way of cutting it down, so it's staying as is *g*

1) Edward’s first thought, upon awakening from death, is that he’s gone to hell, deep down into the fiery pit where pain is everlasting and the damned quench their thirst in rivers that overflow with blood. He’s felt its eternal fires burning him from the inside out, flaring in his ruby eyes even after the pain has faded and left him feeling...
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This is for all th
Hair Products Needed to Get Robert’s Look
•Matte styling product, such as American Crew Fiber. Fiber is a paste-like, strong-hold product that is extremely pliable. It is ideal to create Robert’s bed-head look without looking too perfect.
•Round hair brush, such as Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Round Brush. These brushes come in S, M, L, and XL sizes. Choose a size depending on hair length. Shorter than Robert’s? Use a smaller size. Hair the same length as Robert’s will need a M یا L.
•Blow dryer, such as Paul Mitchell’s Express Ion Dry v.1. This dryer has a low...
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edward cullen
edward cullen
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