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 They say time can heal all wounds. Is that always true?
They say time can heal all wounds. Is that always true?
When there is life, there is death. This is natural for everyone. But for some of us, death hits us hard, especially for Amy Lee. The اگلے two quotes are the lyrics to two of her songs, 'Like You' on the 'The Open Door' album and 'Hello' on the 'Fallen' album.

"Stay low
soft, dark and dreamless
far beneath my nightmares and loneliness.
I hate me
for breathing without you.
I don't want to feel anymore for you,

grieving for you
I'm not grieving for you
nothing real love can't undo
and though I may have lost my way
all the paths lead straight to you

I long to be like you
lie cold in the ground like you

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 (left Carly right Amy)
(left Carly right Amy)
I really just want to voice my opinion about this new band 'we are the fallen'.
I saw them on youtube the other دن and thought that they kind of seemed a little like Evanescence, so I did some digging and found out this.
The band is made up from former members of Evanescence, Ben moody, Rocky Gray and John lecompt. The lead singer Carly Smithson off American Idol and huge پرستار of Evanescence, happens to look like Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence)Is it سے طرف کی accident that ex members of Evanescence use a look a like of their former lead for their new band? I think not. 'We are the fallen' (WATF)states...
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Pinkpop Festival - Netherlands 2007.
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