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posted by Cinders
Bonjour! Voila! Ici est un petit singe qui s'appelle Maurice.

Oh! *Ahem*! I'm sorry. Maurice is a French monkey, so one of his many talents is being bilingual. What's that? Oh, Maurice has just informed me that he is European, and if آپ aren't at least trilingual in Europe then آپ might as well be American. He says he can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin.

Maurice has a very full resume, but his پسندیدہ credit is modeling for famous artist Josh Agle, also known as link.

Doesn't he look so classy? But Maurice wants me to remind...
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Zippy Gets Launched to Columbus, Ohio with his new slingshot.
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 Just another دن in the Magic Kingdom.
Just another day in the Magic Kingdom.
Monologue in 3 parts, written سے طرف کی blisslikethis and loosely based on the Politically Correct Bedtime Stories سے طرف کی James Finn Garner

Scene One

Setting: A room in Prince Charming’s castle.

(Cinderella is on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor; she is wearing an تہبند, برساتی and a kerchief, and a pale of soapy water sits اگلے to her. She looks up from her work as the lights go up, wipes her forehead, wrings out a sponge and gets to her feet.)


Thinking back on it now, I realize I wasn’t as happy scrubbing floors as I had once thought. But just because I wasn’t exactly overjoyed at playing...
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