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So, آپ think that Mac loves Franky and Franky loves him back. آپ think Bloo is forever going to be his FRIEND! Well, I disagree.

Sure, Mac was very much a complicated and loner kind of guy. He never had any دوستوں except for Bloo. Bloo was born to be Mac's soulmate, partner, and a perfect match for Mac. Bloo is and always will be there for Mac, even when times get hard.

What آپ may not know is that Mac's sister, Coco, kept wanting to leave their house. When she left for about the 1,000th time, she came ہوم saying she was married, but didn't know who she married. Immediately after she came...
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Children imagine they're own imaginary دوستوں when they are young, we all know that. آپ had an imaginary friend when آپ were little right? But what happens to the friend when it's creator grows up? When he/she doesn't need it any more? Does the poor thing get thrown on the streets? Alone and helpless? Sadly yes. Kids used to throw they're دوستوں on the streets until a kind old woman (yet very enerjetic and full of life) named Madame Foster figured out a solution to this problem. She made an enormous, unbelievabbly big house for imaginary friends, a place they can call home, until someone...
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The اگلے day, Kat was listening to her iPod. She was listening to Potential Break up Song سے طرف کی Aly and AJ:
This is the,
potential break up song,
our album needs just one,
oh baby please, please tell me,
this is the,
potential make up song,
please just admit you're wrong,
which will it be?

Things went black. All of a sudden, she was in the house alone, but it wasn't Foster's, it was actually a hotel. "Bloo? BLOO?" she shouted. No answer. She started to cry, not tears, but blood. She looked at herself. She was covered in blood. All of a sudden, something started eating away at her, then the house caught...
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