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The following is a فہرست of some of their greatest moments. Most of these are from the books. However, these first two are from the DH1movie. Enjoy!

Moody: Fair warning: it tastes like goblin piss.
One twin: How do آپ know what that tastes like? *sees Moody's glare* Just trying to ease the tension.

Both: *after transformation* Wow. We're identical.

Ok. Here we go with quotes from the books. Don't forget to comment. Also, add any I may have missed.

"Fred, آپ next," the plump woman said.
"I'm not Fred, I'm George," کہا the boy. "Honestly woman, آپ call yourself our mother? Can't آپ tell I'm George?"...
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*'What's that? کہا one of the twins suddenly, pointing at Harry's lightning scar.
'Blimey,' کہا the other twin. 'Are آپ –?'
'He is,' کہا the first twin. 'Aren't' you?' he added to Harry.
'What?' کہا Harry.
'Harry Potter,' chorused the twins.
'Oh, him,' کہا Harry, 'I mean, yes, I am.' (PS6)

*'Don't, Ginny, we'll send آپ loads of owls.'
'We'll send آپ a Hogwarts toilet seat.'
'George!' (PS6)

*Wood: 'This is it.'
The big one,' کہا Fred Weasley.
'The one we've all been waiting for,' کہا George.
'We know Oliver's speech سے طرف کی heart,' Fred told Harry. 'We were in the team last year.' (PS11)

*'Where did...
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