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A/N: hope آپ enjoy this one. remeber to review loe to hear what آپ think.

Tonight I’m gonna do
Everything that I want with you
Everythin that u need
Everything that u want I wanna honey
I wanna stunt with you
From the window
To the wall
Gonna give u, my all
Winter n summertime
When I get آپ on the springs
Imma make آپ fall
You got that body
That make me wanna get on the boat
Just to see آپ dance
And I love the way آپ shake that ass
Turn around and let me see them pants
You stuck with me
I’m stuck with...
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adult content....

Epilogue Part 2

Italics are basically flashbacks recalling the events of the گزشتہ night (night of Blair's welcome back)


Chuck had asked to be excused as he picked Eliza up and walked to a private booth to speak with her. At first Eliza was afraid that her daddy was angry with her for the way she had behaved, but her assured her otherwise and she was quite happy and satisfied after their father/daughter chat...


"Ok princess, spill, what was all that about? Did mummy put آپ up to it?" asked Chuck as he and Eliza entered a private booth. He had noticed the...
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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter Five

He knew that he was never going to be able to get though the whole weekend with Blair and everybody else. He almost wanted to back out and not go just to see what her reaction would be. It was sure to get a rise out of her. But Chuck knew that he couldn’t do that, he had to try and save face in front of her.
He was also curious to see if she was had actually been serious when she had کہا that she didn’t want him anymore. He might have pushed her too far that دن on the camping trip and irrevocably broke what they might have had. Now that Blair had...
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