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If there's a prize for rotten judgement
I guess I've already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That's ancient history, been there, done that!

Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you
Girl, ya can't conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you're thinking of

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no

You swoon, آپ sigh
why deny it, uh-oh

It's too cliche
I won't say I'm in love

I thought my دل had learned its lesson
It feels so good when آپ start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl...
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posted by pinkmare
 a smiley face laughing
a smiley face laughing
Valeria:Okay y'll here we are with another story of mine but this time it won't be about a story , it'll be three ویڈیوز of funny moments from three famous t.v shows now please welcome our audience hercules and meg.

Meg:We're happy to be here ,but really the only audience is just me and hercules ? we're only two people valeria not exactly a full house.

Valeria:I know that and besides me and the girls are watching too so there'll be three مزید audience so that makes 5 of us.

Saurice:And don't worry meg and hercules helia and flora are coming too , so that means there'll be a bit مزید audience rather...
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