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posted by Linzack5007
I caught this very cute and fun short story about Lucy coming back today -- www.afewminuteswith.wordpress.com.

This short story is about a young guy, madly in love with his girlfriend and his job. After a softball accident, taking a line drive off his head, he's rushed to the hospital where he's treated. He's diagnosed as having PSD, Paranoic Schizophrenic Disorder. In layman's terms, he sees people, not ordinary people, but dead people. And to add to his psychosis, these dead are deceased celebrities... And this week Lucy is one.

She arrives just as Kyle, the recovering victim faces a career threatening dilemma. And when things get calamitous, who better to lend some advice and a helping hand than the queen of calamity herself, Lucy
posted by nashvillewriter
I am a writer for examiner/com/Nashville and have written a story on the دکھائیں "I Love Lucy" that I would love to share with fans. In the مضمون is a "Top 10" فہرست of things آپ learn from watching the show. I want to know what شائقین have leaned from watching the دکھائیں and am asking them to leave a تبصرہ in the "comment" section on the مضمون page.
Please share this with your members. I am providing the link to the مضمون below:


Thank you!

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