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1st episode of the final act episodes.
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full episode
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 Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara and InuYasha.
Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara and InuYasha.
Many of the پرستار letters I receive ask the سوال “How old are Inuyasha and the other characters?” Some شائقین make guesses. The character with the greatest range is Miroku, with guesses ranging from the late teens to late twenties… I basically think it's all right for the readers to view the characters as whatever age they see fit, but since so many people ask this, I'll answer with the ages I have in my head as I work.

It is clearly stated that Kagome's age is 15, so for balance, Sango is about 15 یا 16, and Miroku about 17, 18. I think of Kikyo as having died at about age 17… Demons...
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1:she's a zombie that stils souls from the dead
2:she took the half of the juwle(spelling)that inuyasha had and gave it to naraku
3:she tried to take inuyasha to hell with her wile(spelling)inuyasha was unconsie
4:she tried to kill kagome
5:she tried to kill inuyasha
6:in inuyasha movie 1 she pushed kagome down the well telling here yet she is dead
7:she took half of kagome's soul
8:every time she falls off a cliff she somehow maneges to survive
9:she shot inuyasha with an arrow binding him to that tree
10:when ever she comes around inuyasha always gose to see her wich resalts in her makeing kagome cry it's not inuyasha's falt if kikyo would have stayed dead kagome and inyasha woulden't have to cry all the time. and theres my ten resons for hateing kikyo.
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