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I hope آپ guys like it
عملی حکمت
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Manga volumes from InuYasha have been مقبول in Japan, taking high places in rankings listing sales.[38][39] In 2001, the manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for best shōnen manga عنوان of the year.[40] In North America, the manga volumes have appeared various times in the New York Times[41][42] and Diamond Distributions سب, سب سے اوپر selling lists.[43][44] Moreover, in 2005 InuYasha was one of the most researched series according to Lycos.[45]
The عملی حکمت of InuYasha was ranked twenty سے طرف کی TV Asahi of the 100 best عملی حکمت series in 2006 based on an online survey in Japan.[ In ICv2's "Anime Awards" from...
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Inuyasha:What is it
Kagome:I'm sorry
Inuyasha:For what
Kagome:For causing this whole mess with the jewel shard
Inuyasha:It's okay if it wasn't for آپ we wouldn't be دوستوں with miroku یا sango, and some adventures we have are pretty fun to tell the truth
Kagome:You know your right but I'm not the only one who really started this group it was آپ and me, us together
Inuyasha:Kagome, I also should be the one who's sorry
Kagome:Oh Inuyasha there's nothing to be sorry about
Inuyasha:No Kagome I have put آپ through danger time after time ater time
Kagome:Well it's my choice to stay with...
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Shippo:Do آپ really have to leave forever just because we have the whole jewl shard.
Iuyahsa:What is he talking about no body's leaving?(hiding behind a tree)
Kagome:I am sorry Shippo, I must leave Iuyasha only wanted me to find the jewl so he can be with Kikiyo and I get left alone.
Shippo:B ut Inuyasha is a idiot he would never know آپ love him.
Inuyasha:Huh!(blush)S-She loves me hmm then I must tell her.
Inuyasha: Kagome why didn't آپ tell me آپ love me?(he yelled running out behind the tree)
Kagime:(blush)Because آپ don't love me.(sh کہا going down the well)
Before she could down the well...
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It was a fine دن as the group were walking on a grassy green field, searching for the jewel shards. Inuyasha annoyed that they havent found jewel shards in awhile, Kagome not sensing anything but Miroku glancing at her ass. "See anything آپ liked"Kagome sarcasticlly sneered. Inuyasha oblivious had no idea what was going on, while Miroku was grinning to Kagome's rude comment."Well, I do enjoy looking at this nice bodatious green silk covered a...."Miroku cut off before finishing as he got lost in his thoughts of Kagome "I meant to say this lovely scenary...
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hanyou no yashahime: sengoku otogizoushi
yashahime princess half