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On a مقبول online community called Pann, a post compiling sexy تصاویر سے طرف کی IU recently went viral.

Originally titled, “IU’s sexy photoshoot,” the post compiled IU’s photoshoot where she wore revealing clothing and posed in suggestive ways.







Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who شدہ تبصرہ on the original مضمون from our Korean source. The below تبصرے are the most مقبول تبصرے at the time of this مضمون being published.

[+ 228, – 42] So this is really the image she wanted in the end. Singers need the sexy image to last long. She’s...
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Famous for her عنوان as the “Nation’s Little Sister”, IU is the adored angel of Korea. Loved for her innocence and kind heart, IU is every girls’ role model!

But some شائقین might not know that on occasion she’s appeared on stage wearing some incredibly sexy outfits. The following 10 pictures showcase this hidden talent of hers and might leave آپ with a new image perspective of IU آپ never thought of before. Here’s سب, سب سے اوپر 10 Sexiest Outfits Of IU.

1. Black فیتا, فیتے dress with see through arms and stomach.
link http://cdn-01.koreaboo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/tumblr_myr1ht91LL1qk12q0o1_1280.jpg,...
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Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EsRKPEQVkAENXbU?format=jpg
In addition to criticizing IU for allegedly using a lolita concept for her newest album Chat-shire, netizens are also attacking شخصیات مشہور who have defended the singer.
While netizens continue to attack the LOEN Entertainment singer, شخصیات مشہور such as Heo Ji Woong, Jin Joong Kwon, and Yoon Jong Shin have come to her defense.

However, using screenshots and quotes from past broadcasts, netizens have targeted several of these celebrities, and accused them of being شائقین of the lolita concept. Translations of the post and all the screenshots can be found below:

Find out what Netizens had to say...
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Beauty marks (beauty spots/moles/freckles) are marks that appear on the body, most typically on the face, neck and chest so labeled because they are known for adding a unique charm point to ones appearance. In this list, we bring آپ ten idols with unique beauty marks that accents their gorgeous faces. We do warn you: آپ might fall in love with some of these beauty marks یا become extremely envious!

1. f(x) – Sulli
First up on our فہرست is f(x)’s Sulli. She has two distinctive beauty marks on her face—one on her left cheek and another on the tip of her nose. Maybe that’s why they call...
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taken from KBSEntertainment's YouTube Channel
On December 30, IU updated her official Instagram with a proof of donation.

Her Instagram caption reads:

“This is because I was touched سے طرف کی the beautiful hearts that UAENA has shown me over the past few days 🙂 In the future too, let's do good things together UAENA! With the remaining of 2019, I hope that our UAENA is the happiest.”

In the donation proof, it shows that IU donated ₩100M KRW (approx. $86.5K USD) to the Korean Foundation for Support of the Senior Citizen in need’s Comprehensive Support Center for the Elderly Living Alone, in the name of her fans, UAENA.

Just before Christmas,...
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