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Different gemstone earrings may lend strength to different aspects of an individual’s personality. Whether یا not a person believes in the mythical and supernatural characteristics and powers associated with these stones, wearing gemstone earrings nevertheless may feel like the wearer has on a tangible part of his یا her personality that looks good, as well.
Diamond, currently the hardest mineral known to man, is کہا to stand for strength and purity, which is why it is in demand in gemstone earrings among both men and women. Emeralds are کہا to stand for harmony, strength of heart, and...
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 Flapper in House of Worth گاؤن, gown 1925 - note the daring braclets and earrings
Flapper in House of Worth gown 1925 - note the daring braclets and earrings
Some called it the ‘Jazz Age’, others ‘Art Deco’ – the 1920s-30s when ‘the flapper’ was the It Girl.

Here’s a contemporary flapper in the height of style, wearing a ‘simple’ hanging گاؤن, gown with a low waist and high shoes.

Notice her jewelry – her earrings and belt, and the large braclets on her arms.

Flapper fashion, revolutionary for its time, had brought a revolution in jewelry styles. The shorter sleeves, and (for the era) daring low necklines gave مزید space to ‘display’ jewelry.

Flappers did not want to wear the sort of jewelry that their mothers had; they wanted...
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Thirsty for مزید free gifts? yòNEED Jewelry is offering the big BUY 5 GET 1 FREE sale for all items in all categories! From Now to May 31, 2011 (Extended Period), purchase 5 ITEMS in any category, in any combination, to get another item Free of Charge! In other words, when آپ order 6 items, we count the item with the lowest value as a free gift!
But there is MORE!
If آپ order 5 مزید items in the same order, آپ will get Another Free Gift! For instance, if آپ order 12 items in an order, the 2 items with the lowest values will become your free gifts. If آپ order 18 items, the least valued...
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