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posted by pinkstars01
 I love Justin Drew Bieber<3
I love Justin Drew Bieber<3
I love him so much.
He is an outstanding singer, and did I mention he was also very good looking?
Well he is.
I couldnt live without his voice in my head every single day. He is amazing. I love him soooooo much. Me and my friend are going to have a fundraiser t get enough money to go to Ontaio, Canada, and go door-to-door asking if he was there. He is pretty much amazing. and more. He needs to get a record deal, because i am tired of having to get onto the computer to listen to him.
I love him, مزید than anyone, and thank god, that there is an amazing, good, hot, nice, non-stupid boy out there for us girls to love.

I love آپ JustinDrewBieber.
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posted by lilrina
if آپ like justin bieber then this is the مضمون for you1this is a website well justin own website he owns it the website is www.justindrewbieber.com go make آپ account now and talk to justin now steps
1.go to genrally justin 2.go to for my شائقین to chat with justin and آپ are on ur own.also kylie jenner from keeping up with the kardashian sometimes goes on u also can give gifts to justin and leave him messages in his باکس ان آپ dont need to read this part its just becuz i have to make this longer love آپ all my جیسمین, یاسمین v شائقین and justin drew bieber deos not have a fanpop his old پروفائل was kidrauhl so justin_prvt is not real k ppl he deos not have one he delted his account.im sure justin will enjoty all of آپ coming on to talk to him and maybe آپ can share a song آپ wrote for him یا help him right a song it may appear on one of his new albums