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#1 Taemin wants to travel around the world when his career finishes.

#2 When they got asked when they feel an adrenaline rush, Taemin کہا "When I watch horror movies?"

#3 According to Key, Taemin is very childish.

#4 If he could, Taemin would like to become a person known worldwide.

#5 Onew likes the fact that he's older than Taemin and Jonghyun likes the fact that he's younger than Onew.

#6 The first time Taemin was conned was when he bought fake live موسیقی DVDs from China.

#7 Taemin thinks that not having problems is the problem.

#8 Taemin thinks that Key looks better than Minho.

#9 Taemin thinks...
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The 4th song of TAEMIN - The First Mini Album [ACE], [Pretty Boy] features vocals from Kai. This song is also written by Jonghyun and Taemin which makes it even more meaningful. How will [Pretty Boy] turn out since it's the work of 3 Pretty Boy makes one looking forward to it.

Taemin "Ace" Album Tracklist:
#1 Ace
#2 Danger
#3 Experience
#4 Pretty Boy (feat. Kai of EXO)
#5 Wicked #6 Play Me

Tracklist for Taemin's "Ace" revealed

1. Ace
Korean Lyrics by Shim Changmin
Composed by Daniel "Obi" Klein, Deez, Ylva Dimberg, Charlotte Taft
Arranged by Daniel "Obi" Klein, Deez
<Dispatch> 140811 Kai & Taemin were spotted at Hangang Park,Gangnam
They were strolling (sweetly) together near Han river on June 3.

Lmao, Dispatch's caption عنوان for the Taekai pictures though. A summer night, Taemin and Kai's stroll at Hangang. Cr:韩国me2day

[TaeKai spotted strolling and chatting along Hangang Shinsadong on 3 June] [디스포토] "절친의 어깨동무"…태민·카이, 한강 산책 -

those pictures were taken on 3rd June سے طرف کی Dispatch at Han River. taekai were simply strolling around, chatting, laughing & had close gestures

[Dispatch] 8 years of friendship,...
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10 Weird Facts About Taemin

When he was young, he was the type of boy who chose dogs over girls, though I don’t blame him for having high standards with that kind of face.
He probably watched porn since he was a teenager but it was only revealed during the Lucifer era, so when he was around 17-18 years old.
He was caught reading a very gross-kind-of-perverted Japanese manga in 2010, and most people who tried to read it couldn’t go further than six pages (let’s just say that’s it’s extremely perverted in a sick/psychotic kind of way and very, very, graphic… from what I can remember;...
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