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Okay, all of آپ know the fast-running avain character Road Runner, who always escapes the bird-craving Wile E. Coyote, right? He always makes the car horn-like sound just to scare his canine predator off of canyons یا to attract his attention, and Chuck Jones describes the noise as "the only way the Road Runner can harm the Coyote". But I'm also wondering why on earth would a bird make such a noise, so today I'm going to tell آپ my different theories on why the Road Runner says "Beep-beep!". Some of them may یا may not make any sense but that's okay.

1. The Road Runner has accidentally swallowed...
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Original scene: link

D.J. ڈریک is chasing Daffy up some stairs on a scaffolding; the Warner Bros. water tower can be seen in the distance.

Daffy: Don't follow me! [opens some sort of door and runs out]

D.J. ran to Daffy in an attempt to catch him, but when he ran out the door where the بتھ, مرغابی has gone, he accidentally fell off a building which was the set of a movie.

Drake: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The director, seeing this, got up from his chair (or whatever it is) and commented: "That's not right! Cut!". Lucky for Drake, he landed on a huge, white airbag.

Daffy: [sitting on a camera, wearing a director's...
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Speaking of the iconic duos in Looney Tunes, how can آپ forget about the one and only, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck?
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¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! This is a فہرست of cartoons in the unlisted WB Kids video "link".
"link" (0:00 - 4:49)
"link" (4:50 - 9:37)
"link" (9:38 - 13:44)
"link" (13:45 - 18:05)
"link" (18:06 - 22:14)
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