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posted by nakrul
Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is an American actor, rapper and producer of film and television. Wahlberg has appeared in numerous films, including Boogie Nights (1997) and The Departed (2006) for which he was nominated an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Before he started acting, Mark Wahlberg was best known as Marky Mark, the pants-dropping rapper who attained fame and notoriety with his group the Funky Bunch. In the tradition of Will Smith and Ice Cube, Wahlberg has made a successful transition from موسیقی to film, garnering particular early praise for his role in Boogie Nights.

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I am the Audience Coordinator for a Nationally Syndicated talk دکھائیں here in New York City and on Tuesday January 15th, Actors Mark Wahlberg and Jeffrey Wright will be in our studio audience and we welcome Mark Wahlberg شائقین to the دکھائیں that day. All they need to do is follow the info below for free tickets

میل ای –
Subject Header – Mark Wahlberg پرستار 1/15
Please write there full names, # of tickets and there telephone number and we will take care of the rest.

The taping will take place in Manhattan – 528 West 57th سٹریٹ, گلی between 10th and 11th avenue and the arrival time will be 10:30am for the 12:30pm show. The taping will be done سے طرف کی 2pm.

Thank آپ for your time and I hope to see آپ all in our studio audience soon!
posted by lizzybennett
There is no doubt audience members will leave a screening of Lone Survivor with a strong “Go USA!” sentiment. But I wouldn’t say that the film took a heavy-handed approach at all in garnering that emotion from viewers. Rather, آپ can’t help but feel the utmost respect for the camaraderie, loyalty, and courage displayed سے طرف کی the Navy SEALs as they fight off the Taliban in Afghanistan. And آپ are even مزید affected سے طرف کی the fact that this is something that really happened. Marcus Luttrell (depicted سے طرف کی Mark Wahlberg in the film) and Patrick Robinson wrote the 2009 book Lone Survivor to document...
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posted by Karen_smith
Hi my name is Ella wahlberg,yes I'm the daughter of Mark Wahlberg,and this is my story/life.
Mark:Ella come here.
(Ella is running down the stairs to her dad)
Ella:Yes daddy?
(Mark smiled at his daughter's beautiful face)
Mark:I love آپ Ella and I need آپ to go pack your things,we're going on a mission with daddy,OK?
Ella:yayyy,and OK
(Ella runs upstairs and starts packing her things,then maria-mark's wife,walks in and says ارے baby,to mark)
Mark:hey,gorgeous umm..I need آپ and Ella to come on a mission with me,and I told Ella she's already upstairs packing.
Maria:OK,but what kind?
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