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Following thousands of entries into our competition for Casino de Paris tickets we've now picked the winners and sent everyone an میل ای from one of the 10 میل ای addresses. Please make sure آپ check your spam filters in case our میل ای gets blocked.

If آپ have won a pair of tickets and can no longer attend the show, please reply to the میل ای سے طرف کی we sent آپ سے طرف کی 12:00 on Monday and we'll reallocate the tickets. Please don't try to sell your tickets as آپ will need تصویر ID to pick up your wristband for this دکھائیں and wristbands will only be attached to the person whose name is on the guest فہرست and their guest.
posted by Heya
Muse are returning to Germany this summer to headline Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park and while they're in town you'll be able to catch their first ever performance on German TV!

The band will perform at the PRO7s "TV Total Autoball World Cup 2010" on June 4th.



Muse kommt zurück nach Deutschland und wird ماند, خلوت خانہ Headline Slot beim Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park Festival übernehmen. Muse wird auch zum ersten Mal im deutschen Fernsehen zu sehen sein!

Die Band wird am 4. Juli bei PRO7 in der Sendung “TV Total Autoball World Cup 2010” auftreten.
he Neutron سٹار, ستارہ Collision (Love Is Forever) video and the 'Behind The Scenes' from the video shoot are now both available to watch in the media player.

Go to the link below to watch online now...


I know a lot of people do not like it that Muse has written a song for Eclipse, but . . . .

For us Muse شائقین who have known them for مزید than 5 یا 10 years, we shouldn't care if it was for ECLIPSE, Muse wrote a new fantastic song!!
A limited number of tickets for all three of Muse's shows in the UK this summer will be released for sale this Friday. These include a very small amount of General Admission (standing and Level 1) and Level 2 tickets for Wembley Stadium.

The tickets go on sale at 09:00 on Friday from the link below.

In addition, there has been a change to the line-up for the band's دکھائیں at Lancashire County Cricket Ground. Unfortunately The Temper Trap are no longer able to play this show, but we're very pleased to announce that they have been replaced سے طرف کی the excellent Band Of Skulls. Check out their website سے طرف کی clicking on the pic below!
We regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances Muse have had to منسوخ their دکھائیں at Zinkensdamms IP on July 21.

The band and Live Nation apologise to شائقین for the inconvenience that this causes.

Tickets purchased online یا over the phone will be refunded automatically with monies credited to the card used for purchase. Other tickets (purchased from Eventim representatives) will be refunded from point of purchase. Ticket refunds will take approximately 10 days and will be available until August 21st 2010. Eventim can be contacted on +46-771-651-000.

Line-ups for the band's shows in Finland and Norway will be announced very soon.
9th June is the birthday of the gifted British guy Matt Bellamy, the frontman of the wonderful band called MUSE

Dear Matt,

I hope آپ keep offering us a glimpse of your incredible talent... Keep writing these brilliant songs of yours that hypnotize us!!!!

Happy birthday to the sexiest male (as voted in the NME awards 2009)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your شائقین all over the world are wishing آپ to be happy!!!!

(I know Matt's bday was yesterday, but my PC wasn't in his best mood... LOL I couldn't use it!!! But, I guess, it's better late than never...)

Your most devoted پرستار in Greece

If only Matt could see this...!!!