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This story takes place between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The main character is one my OCs. His name is Yondaime Hiryoko. He was named after the 4th Hokage. His parents named him that because they knew he was destined for greatness. This is his story.

I looked at the village. The village of the hidden village. It looked small from where I was. But I knew it was really big.

I heard a voice nearby, "This is our target, huh, Hidan?" کہا a tall man. who had a mask covering his face and a oddly shaped headband.

I whispered to my self, "Who...
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Hey all! Serenna here with my very first Naruto fanfiction! I decided to post it here, so I hope آپ all enjoy it! ^_^


Why do they treat us like monsters?

We're not monsters.

Just misunderstood.

What if Naruto hadn't been completely friendless during his childhood? What if there was someone there to help him through the pain? When Naruto befriends a girl with hair as white as snow and a light beaming around her, his life changes from then on for the better. But what if Hikari is apart of an ancient prophecy and is indeed the being of light? Will she be able to save Naruto from his demon...
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Haruno Sakura had just finished her رامین and was now washing the dishes. With a little smile she thinks of how she’s actually becoming مزید and مزید like Naruto.

The girl had spent the entire دن alone. She had trained alone, taken a walk alone, gotten her groceries alone and finally eaten alone. Everything had been quiet the last ماہ یا so, in Konohagakure.

Not that Sakura minded. Of course, she enjoyed some company, but she had started thinking about Sasuke again.

Naruto would only try to cheer her up in his own annoying way, wich really wouldn’t work. Ino would just tell her to get...
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Years پہلے in the land of the Exorsists the Trinikage was thinking to himself about the current war between his own village and The Village hidden in the shadows the land he had once ruled. Yes, Amora Akku had once ruled this land as the Shinikage because the temptation to conquer became to much for him to take making him responsible for the scars of his family as well as scars from villages he had conquered while in this leadership. His wife Chizaru and his daughter princess Amora Ming hadn't been aware of what was to come that night at the summer festival...not a clue. In fact and attack couldn't...
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 "Im telling آپ Tsunade we need at very least a temporary subordinate on this team!"
"Im telling you Tsunade we need at very least a temporary subordinate on this team!"

Guy Sensei slammed his hand against the surface of Tsunade's desk. "Im telling آپ Tsunade we need at very least a temporary subordinate on this team!" He yelled in furry. The lack of Neji after his death was a huge gap to surely be noticed, it was also a large weak spot for us as well. "And IM TELLING آپ Guy there are no suitable subordinates currently!" Tsunade boomed louder than Guy. "I don't care how suited they are...we have a huge weak spot right now!" Guy sighed after that shout. Tsunade calmed down and rolled her eyes. "Fine Guy but this one is مزید trouble than he's worth...
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“Who are you?” he asked. I didn’t answer. “Show me your face then.” I couldn’t ignore his demands, so I did as told. The blood inside my body started to boil rapidly. “Just what were آپ going to do to this man?” I was ordered to turn around and دکھائیں my face. Yet he has his back turned to the left side, with arms crossed. “I-I-I…” I couldn’t talk without stuttering. Hell, I was too scared to give an answer. The person in front of me had way مزید battle experience and immense power. I bet he could destroy me in an instant. If I say anything wrong it could mean the end...
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