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posted by manjusang
Here I Stand Besides you
Don't آپ Even Realized That I Fight with Myself???????
against all the Reality that Can tore My souls..
I Can't make the loosing Fight with my own Hearth Beating..that was you...
آپ filling the hole that burned deep inside my Death Hearth,,
آپ MAke it Beating...
takes Me to the first Sunshines after my Nightmare..
Im Afraid..
I CAn't Imagine..
I CAn't Cope This..
How Can I Let My Self Flying high falling Free in Your Life,,then times awaits Me for hitting The Ground???????

Will I Survived from it?
Will I Still Have this beating then?
Help Me,,
Don't Let Me hit the Pain,,anymore..

Im Loosing,,Far Before The war Is Over..
Im in yours Now..
tie in ever single things آپ Make

آپ hold my Life's String..
Up....Down.... Lower...

آپ Stealing The best PArt Of Me..you Take it with آپ Now..
Im Nothing
Im Loosing this fight against my Self..
I Let My Self Falling In Love With آپ
posted by babyjay
true دوستوں are hard to come by...
yet when آپ catch them آپ feel like آپ can fly...
آپ trust them,
love them,
and talk of future...
آپ know that they will never lie...
and اگلے to them آپ stand side سے طرف کی side...
آپ love them,
hug them,
and share smiles with eachother...
oh how it feels when آپ know your important...
that آپ know آپ have some one to comfort you...
آپ hold their hand,
skip down the street,
and feel no defeat...
true دوستوں are hard to come by...
but hold them tight so away they dont fly.
This poem is written سے طرف کی me

My eyes are heavy
Can't hold load of tears
Plants look so blank
And autumn winds can be hear.

The flowers will no مزید bloom
I'll keep myself locked in room
They just love theirselves
Knows my story each book of my shelf.

Why every time spring ends,autumn starts
I wish I could buy happiness from some marts
Smell the same those flowers beside the stream that flow
I wonder how every time they grow .

These hard winds of sorrows make me shatter
Every time flowers and petals scatter
But I know I'll find the plants the same
I'll make them دکھائیں the me and my fame.

I know someday the flowers will bloom again
It's a دائرے, حلقہ attached سے طرف کی a chain
Someday the spring will come back at my door
I will then say my worries are no more.

Autumn leaves scar but spring recovers each flower
Leaves will sure be green,flowers will bloom
Hopes will find their ways
Spring will come again someday.....
posted by irena83
I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
Morn came and went -and came, and brought no day,
And men forgot their passions in the dread
Of this their desolation; and all hearts
Were chilled into a selfish prayer for light;
And they did live سے طرف کی watchfires -and the thrones,
The palaces of crowned kings -the huts,
The habitations of all things which dwell,
Were burnt for beacons; cities were consumed,
And men were gathered round their...
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posted by saracomet
I'm the toughest pastry maker who has ever baked a cake.
My impressive little pastries are impossible to break.
Yes, my کوکیز and my cupcakes will defeat the strongest jaws,
while my muffins are impervious to power drills and saws.

آپ have never seen a danish یا a donut quite so strong
and I bake the fiercest fruitcake that has ever come along.
آپ can chew on them till doomsday, آپ can chew till kingdom come,
but you'll never get a nibble, not a solitary crumb.

آپ can whack them with a hammer, آپ can hit them with a stick.
آپ can stab them with a dagger, آپ can beat them with a brick.
آپ can drop them from an airplane, آپ can blast them with a bomb
but my pastries will exhibit only peacefulness and calm.

I expect you'll want to test them. I encourage آپ to try,
but you'll never make a mark on them and here's the reason why:
I do something with my recipes no other bakers do;
when the cookbook calls for "milk" یا "water," I use Crazy Glue.
posted by irena83
In this room of despair,
A man is sitting with demons
Inside his head.
In this room of memories,
Only death breathes,
A man lives with gloom,
A man dies with sadness.

Inside his eyes ,
In that depth of blue terror,
Years of despair are seen,
Years of struggle are painted.

His life,
Cruel and lonely,
Was never a joy,
کڑوا, تلخ and sad
This man lives with demons
Of past.

I can see the pain that
Is painted on his face,
Silhouettes of past that
Play this موسیقی of terror,
I see only darkness and despair
Inside the eyes of a sad man.
This sadness is mine too,
This poem is written سے طرف کی the curse of
The children who will never meet happiness,
This poem is a poem of a sad man,
A man who sees nothing but greys.
posted by stellie
I wrote this when I was still figuring out who I am and when I was clearly lost, about 2 years ago. Here goes:
Fake friends
I'm tired of pretending
That I'm always happy
When I'm some times

I've got fake friends
Who call themselves
My friends
When they're NOT!

Friends are true,
They don't lie,
They don't pretend
And they're there 4 u.

My دوستوں aren't true,
They do lie,
They pretend every day
And they aren't there 4 me.

How can 1 be happy
When they're pretending
And hiding
From reality.

No 1 is gonna kill u
When u stop pretending
They'll have 2 except u
As u'll have 2 except them.

I know it will be hard
2 turn...
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Your head, your bearing, your gestures
Are fair as a fair countryside;
Laughter plays on your face
Like a cool wind in a clear sky.

The gloomy passer-by آپ meet
Is dazzled سے طرف کی the glow of health
Which radiates resplendently
From your arms and shoulders.

The touches of sonorous color
That آپ scatter on your dresses
Cast into the minds of poets
The image of a پھول dance.

Those crazy frocks are the emblem
Of your multi-colored nature;
Mad woman whom I'm mad about,
I hate and love آپ equally!

At times in a lovely garden
Where I dragged my atony,
I have felt the sun tear my breast,
As though it were in mockery;...
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