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This is actually mostly picks describing Powerpuff girls Doujinshi. But The name of the video is Powerpuff girls Z, and It does have the whole theme song in it! I found it on youtube!
powerpuff girls doujinshi
funny pics
good theme song!
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Today, we decorated the cafeteria with the decorations we made yesterday. Now my دوستوں and I are at the park. We were playing frisbee when a flash of light appeared. When it was gone, we saw the time machine that the professor built, only it looked a few years older. When the door opened, we saw us.
"Hello people of the past! We are the PPGZ of the future." Blossom said. I looked at Momoko. She was wide eyed.
"How smart. Shouting so the whole world can hear ya! Man, might as well use a horn, why don't you?!" I shouted. Then the future PPGZ looked at us and smiled. Then the future RRBZ did...
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"Butch, where does he put it?" I asked. We were searching Brick's room for his journal.
"The last I seen him put it was in his pillow. But he moves it a lot."
I checked around the بستر and in his pillow. "Found it." It is brick red. Typical.
"Are آپ sure this will even work? He is a very stubborn person, آپ know."
"Yes, I'm sure. There is something in here that can help us. I can sense it." I don't understand why he worries so much.
"Let's go before he finds us here. He'll get pissed if he figures out." I grabbed his arm and calmed my mind. Then white particles surrounded us. When they...
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