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ارے آپ know that two weeks پہلے i went to the forest and i saw a very cute rabbit my granny کہا i could keep it for a few days it was great!Miyako said.Yeah and i was doing tennis until this
guy کہا i was so good i could maybe go to a tournament and it is tomorrow!Kaoru said.

Hey Kaoru,Miyako آپ want me to tell آپ what happend to me monday week? Momoko said.
Yeah!Kaoru said.OK! Miyako کہا

Ok so i was in a jungle and...WAIT! WAIT! Kaoru said.How could آپ be in the jungle if آپ where
at ہوم and doing your homework?.Well...um i was doing my homework...Tuesday! Momoko کہا not sure of herself...
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posted by KaoruBlackstone
"Kaoru, I'm going to the olympics. They کہا that I have to leave tomorrow." My dad said.
"Wow! Congrats, dad. I can't believe you're going to the Olympics!"
"Also, your mom must visit an old friend of hers where the Olympics are held. So, I was wondering if آپ could keep an eye on the house. Your brothers کہا they want to stay with their friends."
"Of course! آپ deserve to go to the Olympics. And besides, without my brothers, the house would stay clean." After dinner, I went to my room and called my دوستوں with my compact from my belt. Miyako answered first. After we waited for a few...
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