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posted by bratzdolly11
(she telling ya this)
name: Bleeding
age: 10
birthday: why آپ wanna know?Creeper.
group: The Rowdy Rambunctious Girls,cousins to the Rowdy Ruff Boys
family: Bicker,Bet,Her (Him's sister) and the Rowdy's
description: blonde hair in Brat's style,red eyes and a slight tan skin tone,like them.
outfit: a red tank سب, سب سے اوپر with white stripes going across it with a black tie,red bow ties,bracelets and black boots.
why are آپ called Bleeding: "Because i leave people i hurt there bleeding
enemies:the powerpuff girls *gags*
پسندیدہ thing:my butcher knife,need i say more?
least پسندیدہ things:Barney
nickname(s): Bleedy,Bled and Bleed
secrets:i have none and if i did why would i tell you?

welp that's Bleeding.she a maniac 0_0
posted by bratzdolly11
(she telling ya this)
birthday: How am I suppose to know?I was born out of a pot!
group: The Rowdy Rambunctious Girls,cousins to the Rowdy Ruff Boys
family: Bleeding,Bicker,Her and the Rowdy's
description: hair just like Brute's but with a couple of extra spikes, dark green eyes and tan skin like theirs
outfit: she wears Brute's jumped but the bottom of it's green,one لیموں, چونے green bracelets the other dark green and black boots like Bleeding's
why are آپ called Bet: I use to gamble,jk I bet people on things I know I can't lose
friends: I don't know why آپ need to know this but okay.there's: Bleeding,Bicker,Brute and Brat
enemies:Butch because he hasn't دیا me my money from my last bet and those powerpukes
پسندیدہ things:watching Butch get hurt
least پسندیدہ things:Yo Gabba Gabba,I swear that man is gay.
nickname: My name is three letters short moron!
secrets:why would i tell you?!!
posted by bratzdolly11
Psycho profile.

by~ KitKatKatKittyKat/Bratzdolly11
Psycho profile.
name: psycho
power level:dangerously high
intelligence:very high
enimies:the powerpuff girls,Blue,Bailey,Berry
weakness: i am very emotional so if آپ call me a name i'll cry....then rip your head off literally



interviewer: so psycho why do they call آپ that first of all?

psycho: well...i bite people and then rip them in half with my kife and oh! i'm also bi polar.
interviewer: i see,so if آپ don't mind me asking why do آپ kill in the first place?
psycho: because...
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posted by bratzdolly11
(she telling ya this)
name: Bicker
birthday: Heck,I don't even know!
group:The Rowdy Rambunctious,cousins to the Rowdy's
family: Bleeding,Bet and IT (HIM's sister)
description: Berserk's color of hair with a trail of red go to the tips of her bang and at the end hot گلابی tips,Berserk's eyes and slight tan skin like them
outfit: Like Berserk's only one hot گلابی sleeve and one red one,no ribbon and mary jane shoes
why are آپ called Bicker: "isn't it obvious?"
friends: I guess my lame sister and my dumb cousins :(
enemies: anybody who crosses me,mainly those stupid powerpukes
پسندیدہ thing:my ability to spit fire
least پسندیدہ things:the powerpukes,my sister at some point,my cousins and Ms.Keane
nickname: Bick یا Bicky
secrets: if i told آپ them آپ would have to die

welp that's Bicker for you,she's one crazy chick,but no one's crazier than Bleed
posted by nami655
This is Belserk's hair story,When Belserk was young her hair was yellow (and grey) she love her hair.but one day,her sis Buffy showed her a brown thing it was the chocolate and Belserk tried one and she said
"mmm yummy!!! whats that its soo delicious!!"
And belserk tried another one and then she eaten 55555550 chocolates and she goes to sleep.The morning when she wake up "What the...?!" her hair transformed to brown!!! She cry looong time.and then she said"what ever...i'm not dying"
and Her hair won't back to the original color...

Remember all don't eat 55555550 chocolates in one day!
 The Rowdyrage Girls
The Rowdyrage Girls