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Could Michael Jackson's older son have the same rare skin condition that the King of Pop steadfastly maintained he had?

White patches of skin under Prince Michael's arm were noticeably visible when he wore swim trunks on a حالیہ Hawaiian vacation, prompting speculation that the skin-bleaching disorder vitiligo could be the cause.

Michael Jackson کہا the condition was to blame for the gradual but steady lightening of his own skin and with his 13-year-old son displaying similar symptoms, skeptics who سوال the paternity of Jackson’s children may finally be convinced that the singer really...
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ارے guys this is a poem
i plan to put in a book of poetry about Michael jackson and his kids. tellme what آپ think.

Never Can Say Goodbye
My thriller,my father,my Invincible,my mentor. Why did آپ have to go away? آپ sang me to sleep singing Human Nature. Michael, آپ told me Don't stop till آپ get enough.From آپ I found my self. I made myself like you. Of course for آپ i changed my style. I wish آپ were doing a کنسرٹ called this is it. But always remember I Never Can Say Good-Bye.
posted by IrisGloomy
The تصاویر being "leaked" of the Jackson children were PRIVATE تصاویر from our visit that were emailed ONLY to Grace for the purpose of them being shared with Paris, Prince, Omer, Taj and Ms. Katherine. As when we were together on our visit, my camera had تصاویر of all of them (from iFly, etc...) and I told them I would میل ای ONLY Grace the copies as I did not have their میل ای address. Grace’s میل ای account was hacked the same دن the first تصویر came out! (This too was گیا کیا پوسٹ on Graces Facebook page when it occurred.) Grace also had NOTHING to do with any of these leaks! Whomever wanted...
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posted by PrinceMJluv
It’s been two years since the shocking death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In that time, his three children - Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket, 9 - have enjoyed a مزید social lifestyle than they were used to; no longer being hidden from the paparazzi.

But for Paris Jackson, Michael’s only daughter, it looks like it’s been a مزید difficult transition. After being hounded سے طرف کی paps earlier in the month; an incident that involved a call to police officers, Paris recently found herself the victim of cyberbullying when a Twitter follower began to harass her, telling her that Michael...
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TMZ has learned 13-year-old Prince and 12-year-old Paris started at The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley on Wednesday.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Prince wanted to go to Buckley to have "a social experience." Initially, Paris was reluctant but changed her mind in a big way.

As for 8-year-old Blanket -- he's still going to be homeschooled. Katherine Jackson feels he's too young to venture out.

posted by lovepink
It was monday morning. I woke up to the sound of birds chirrping out of my open window.
"Mom? Dad?" I yelled slightly as I walked out of my room onto the cold hardwood flooring of the hallway. No response. I realized it was a work دن and gave out a little sigh. I was alone. Again. I walked into the kitchen, made myself some scrambled eggs and gulped them down. Somewhere inbetween all of the preparing and eating, I decided I would go kayaking in the private lake we had in the backyard. My grandparents were filthy rich and when they passed away, they left most of their fortune to my mother....
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posted by bigmanguy
 teach me how to moonwalk^
teach me how to moonwalk^
October 2, 2009, Uncle Frank came over today so we can talk about what the اگلے step in my موسیقی career is. Uncle Frank said” I think this is a great time for آپ to go on tour”. Since my cd just came out I was getting even مزید pumped to start touring. We had not checked to see how many copies it has sold so far. Uncle Frank pulled up a website on my laptop and said” آپ got to shitting me”. I took the pen ٹوپی that I was chewing on out of my mouth and said” what is a matter”? He said” you’ve sold مزید copies than Thriller”. I jokingly said” no” assuming that he was just...
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posted by kingofpop829
the تاریخ in this story is, September 13, 2013

I'm a singer from Kansas. آپ never find those famous singers out there anymore. But acouple years ago, age 12, i went to Encino, California. I'm now a California girl. I actually live اگلے to Michael Jackson's kids, Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Me, Prince, and Paris are going to school together. It's thierfourth سال in Buckley Middle and High Private School. My first.

"I don't care if آپ need to be picked up! Just go with your stupid friends!" Mom hissed as she pulled up to the school. I got out before she stopped the car. She cussed, but i payed...
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posted by PrinceMJluv
I've been seeing some leaked pictures of Prince, Paris and Blanket. But mostly Blanket at this time. Personally, I'm getting really sick of it. I mean whoop-dey-doo we got new pics! But it's not worth them getting their laptops hacked for it. How else do آپ think people get them? They're a close family friend? I didn't think so. Oh and guess what?! Those pictures of Blanket are coming from Prince's webcam on his Mac! So congrats! If آپ happen to be a person who has a crush on him and hacked him! But I thought آپ didn't want to do anything bad to your 'Princey' Too late! It's not really funny....
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posted by bigmanguy
june 31 2005, we don't live at neverland anymore because dad says it's not a ہوم ever since everthing that happened with the trial. now we live pretty much everywhere until dad finds us a new house. dad wants to اقدام to ireland and i think that would be cool. were ہوم schooled so it does not matter if we move.

july 7, dad was walking سے طرف کی my room and walked in. i was hanging out with a friend and was gone. he saw that in the new house i did not put up any of my toy story posters. i am stil a huge tomboy. dad looked at my walls and they were coverd سب, سب سے اوپر to bottem with posters of n-sync. i have...
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Almost a سال after Michael Jackson's tragic death, his three children stepped out on Wednesday night to attend Diana Ross' کنسرٹ in Los Angeles during which the singer paid tribute to Jackson, has learned.

"I’m dedicating my tour this سال to my dear friend Michael Jackson," Diana کہا at the end of her کنسرٹ at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. "His children are in the audience," Ross کہا and the crowd thundered with applause for the three children. Prince, 13, Paris, 12 and Blanket, 8, were seated “secretly somewhere in the crowd,” she said. Barry Gordy, the legendary founder of Motown records, was there too. Against a backdrop of a huge black and white picture of the King of Pop, the diva sang two songs dedicated to Michael. Missing You, brought many in the 7,000 نشست theater to tears.

She ended the کنسرٹ with آپ Are Not Alone -- and the oversized screen on stage switched to a picture of a very young Michael and Diana locked in an embrace.
We told y’all about a woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson who came out of the woodwork claiming to be MJ’s seed. Well, Diana Ross’ sister came آگے and کہا MPJ is crazy and she don’t even KNOW that ho*!

According to TMZ, the sordid Jackson family story is even مزید crazy than we thought.

A woman who claims to be Michael Jackson’s illegitimate love child — conceived when MJ was a minor — has filed legal documents claiming there was a diabolical plot to cover up her existence … involving murder, abduction and Diana Ross’ sister.

The alleged MJ spawn — Mocienne Petit Jackson...
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I ran down stairs grace was holding back Paris. She was kicking a screaming trying to get to her daddy. I ran up and just huger her so hard "what's wrong with daddy?" she asked "I don't know we have to go to the hospital " I replyes "prince blanket come on. Grace can u drive us there?" "yes I can"she کہا we hoped in the car. Paris was crying on my shoulder. "everything is okay Paris I'm sure he will be just fine" she just Keep crying "mummy" "yes blanket" "is daddy okay" "mmmm blanket I'm sure he's fine but we will have to see" I did not wan to scare him he was only eight and he was propbly...
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posted by lovepink
ok so im really bored right now and can't fall asleep so i decided to start writing! hope آپ like it and please comment(:

Our car was speeding on the highway, and we were traveling past everything in a blur. I turned my iPod موسیقی up and nodded my head in the rhythm of the song. I was so excited I could barely hold my happiness in. I could not wait until I went to the Jackson's house! My parents would be gone for two weeks and I was intending those weeks to be absolutely fantastic! Not only was my favortie little kid ever, Blanket, going to spend it with me, but my best friend Paris and my...
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Janet has spent thousands of dollars to make Christmas special for Prince,Paris and Blanket.
She has insisted making Christmas :Day of fun.
It was to be quiet,sombre holiday this سال but Janet has stepped in to make it just like Michael did:fun.
Michael loved Christmas.He was like a big kid and now Janet has taken that on.
She have spent thousands on trees,decorations and the kind of toys.
Michael would have love to be fooling around with on Christmas morning.
We all wish a happy Christmas to Prince,Paris and Blanket.
posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
I grew up from the time I was eleven on this fanclub and its become somewhat of a ghost town. This club has lost all the old fans. Most of آپ weren't شائقین before Michael died, یا سے طرف کی the time the funeral came یا when Prince and Paris spoke at the grammys. But I was and I'd say those were like the best two years of my life. I loved Prince so deeply and thought I knew him but I really didn't and when he came on twitter my mind was blown cause he was totally diffrent but the thing is I liked him even مزید then. Then people were all crazed cause he got his hair cut and now all anyone cares about...
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posted by 12251
march 17 1996 daddy began prep on my baby brothers bedroom. i was starting to become مزید and مزید clingy to my dad since all of the talk about a new baby brother has been going on. i was always on his hip, i dont know how he is ever able to do anything with me hanging all over him all the time. every time he trys to put me down for a nap i cry until he comes upstairs to get me ,then i would fall asleep in his arms.

march 20, dad planed a trip to disney world for 2 weeks. today was the دن before we go on our trip. daddy is going to video tape me today and for the whole trip because this will...
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posted by dashingaway
I know this is short I'm really sorry the اگلے one will be longer promise.

I grabbed the flask and looked to Prince; he was a lot better at this stuff than I was.

I copied his movements and Bertie seemed to be doing fine on his own too, I was the only one who sucked at Science I guess.

Mr. Allen came around to check our work and nodded, as always easily impressed with Prince.

When class ended Paris ran straight to us glaring at me the looked to Bertie and batted her eyelashes “hi Bertie what class do آپ have next?”

“Design and Graphics, he has the same classes as me, the teacher wants me...
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As آپ know fanpop has been deleteing my accounts so I've really been trying to get back on. I miss آپ guys soooooooo much! I've seen everything that's been going on, but I jus can't post anything. If anything keeps happening I'll keep trying to get back on. I promise.

I think all the fanfics that آپ guys write are AWESOME. Accept for one..... *Cough* ma24's *cough* lol

Oh and I broke my arm again.... it's kinda cool. Cute boys get to sign my cast.
I'm going to a cool school that lets your acting and film carreer take off. Yup... it's cool

So ummm that's kinda it....
posted by schoolsucks278
(doorbell rings)

Paris: Rachel! hi!
Rachel:Hey girl, long time since we've seen each other, آپ are so tall!
Paris: آپ look very pretty and you've grown too!


Paris: Jaafar, this is rachel, the وہیل, حوت killer
Jaafar: ارے nice to meet you, آپ really are gonna take niki outta prince head! آپ already took Alyssa
Paris: okay, well Rachel I have to tell آپ all the news
(lives room)


Rachel: so tell me! how is she?
Paris: she's the daughter of the Grudge and Samara of the movie the ring!
Rachel: scary, how can Prince be with her then?
Paris: have آپ seen her lips?...
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