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posted by ChiliPepperLuv
Hello, everyone! ChiliPepperLuv here, and today, I'm writing a review on the new album, The Getaway. I am expressing my opinion on the artwork, my پسندیدہ song(s), and my مجموعی طور پر impression on the album.

The artwork is rather fascinating. When I imagined what kind of artwork the Chili Peppers would use for their new album, I imagined something funky and extremely colorful, like on their 1987 album, The اتتھان, ترقی کیلئے باہم کوشاں Mofo Party Plan. The artwork on The Getaway is certainly not what I expected at all. However, I must say that it is rather interesting. One پرستار theorized that the little girl and...
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A couple of days before it was reported سے طرف کی various RHCP sitesthat Anthony and possibly Flea would be taking part in the Surfrider Celebrity Expression event at Malibu Lagoon State Beach, north of Santa Monica. سے طرف کی blind luck during my holiday touring south to north California I happened to be leaving Hollywood and driving on the coast north to Santa Barbara on the دن and time of the surf event.
We got there around 11 after narrowly avoiding a possible HUGE crash on the 405 freeway, half a pallet had fallen from a truck and as everyone was avoiding it we hit it dead on but luckily the car skipped...
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posted by ChiliPepperLuv
According to lead singer, Anthony Kiedis, the new album will be released in 2015. However, long time producer, Rick Rubin, will not produce the new album. Anthony کہا that he and his band mates are looking to men who are good at producing records, and that when they have a producer, they will کریں تصدیق it. The Chili Peppers are experimenting with new material, and Anthony کہا that this was some of the best material that he and his band mates have made up in a long time. The اگلے album will be the first album that Rick Rubin will not produce since the 1989 album, Mother's Milk.
آپ know you're a RHCP پرستار if...
1. آپ listen to them every single day.
2. You've heard all of their songs.
3. You're looking آگے to their اگلے song.
4. آپ drool every time آپ see a picture یا video of any of the band members.
5. آپ compare people آپ know to members of the band.
6. آپ can relate to any of their songs.
7. آپ sing your پسندیدہ songs سے طرف کی them out loud.
8. آپ own RHCP merchandise ex. T-shirts, CD's, drinking glasses, etc.
9. آپ watch their موسیقی videos.
10. آپ visit their website regularly.
I have been a پرستار of Red Hot Chili Peppers since I was twelve years old. In honor of my nine-year fandom of the band, I decided to discuss my سب, سب سے اوپر ten پسندیدہ Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, so here it goes.

1. "Under the Bridge"
"Under the Bridge" seems to be a پسندیدہ among fans, and I can see why. The topic is a universal emotion, loneliness. Everyone feels lonely from time to time. Even though I don't have a reason to be lonely, I do feel lonely from time to time. That's why I feel so connected to this song.

2. "Desecration Smile"
This song used to be a bit lower on the list, but it moved up...
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