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There's no subs, so I'll translate the things written out: Andrew G. Vajna presents ... On the streets of Budapest ... At the Olympic games of Melbourne ... Revolution breaks out ... Szabadság Szerelem (the title)
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The Revolt of the Comuneros (Spanish: Guerra de las Comunidades de Castilla, "War of the Communities of Castile") was an uprising سے طرف کی citizens of Castile against the rule of Charles V and his administration between 1520 and 1521. At its height, the rebels controlled the دل of Castile, ruling the cities of Valladolid, Tordesillas, and Toledo.

The revolt occurred in the wake of political instability in the Crown of Castile after the death of Queen Isabella I in 1504. Joanna the Mad, Ferdinand and Isabella's سیکنڈ daughter, inherited the تخت with her Burgundian husband King Philip I. However,...
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On the سیکنڈ of May (Spanish: Dos de Mayo), 1808, the people of Madrid rebelled against the occupation of the city سے طرف کی French troops, provoking a brutal repression سے طرف کی the French Imperial forces and triggering the Spanish War of Independence.

The city had been under the occupation of Napoleon's army since March 23 of the same year. King Charles IV had been forced to abdicate in favour of his son Ferdinand VII, and at the time of the uprising both were in the French city of Bayonne at the insistence of Napoleon. An attempt سے طرف کی the French general Joachim Murat to اقدام the daughter and youngest son...
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The Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt of 1573 was a large peasant revolt in today's Croatia and Slovenia. The revolt, sparked سے طرف کی cruel treatment of serfs سے طرف کی the baron Franjo Tahy, ended after 12 days with the defeat of the rebels and bloody retribution سے طرف کی the nobility.

In the late 16th century, the threat of Ottoman incursions strained the economy of the southern flanks of the Holy Roman Empire, and feudal lords continually increased their demands on the peasantry. In Croatian Zagorje, this was compounded سے طرف کی cruel treatment of peasants سے طرف کی baron Franjo Tahy and his warring with neighbouring barons...
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