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The power of Asia’s most influential girl group, Girls’ Generation has been felt all over the world, within the past few days.

Prior to the release of the official موسیقی video for their mini album عنوان track, “Twinkle“, Taetiseo launched three teasers on Youtube, to promote the track’s release. Within days, the teasers have accumulated مزید than 10 million views, combined!

As of now, Taeyeon‘s teaser records an astounding 4.9 million گیا پڑھا مرتبہ while Tiffany‘s has acquired 3.5 million views. Seohyun‘s Teaser, which was released last, has approximately 2.2 million views. What’s more...
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when jessica was asked how it felt doing a photoshoot alone on a rainy street, she کہا there weren’t any difficulties bc she’s done shoots on rainy days before. she کہا she’s just feels a bit sad that her members aren’t around to play with her. She also کہا she didn’t like the rain when she was little, but has taken a liking to them lately. she کہا she listens to موسیقی that’s good for a rainy دن and enjoys it.

Jessica کہا that her first acting attempt with ‘Wild Romance’ was a charm, and that she would like to do it again if دیا the chance. she کہا the drama itself wasn’t...
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It’s time for another random سروے as Seven Edu, an online program for students, recently conducted a survey asking 494 of their members which celebrity they would spend a memorable White دن with.

White دن is a دن observed سے طرف کی some Asian countries such as Korea and Japan. In the countries that celebrate White Day,Valentine’s دن is when women give men gifts, and men return the favor on White دن on March 14th.

The survey results were revealed on March 9th and SNSD‘s YoonA and SISTAR‘s Hyorin took first and سیکنڈ place respectively. YoonA, grabbed the #1 spot with a total of 28% of the ووٹ (138 votes) and Hyorin came in 2nd with 15% of the ووٹ (76 votes).

Which سٹار, ستارہ would آپ want to spend White دن with?

ذریعہ & Image: allkpop