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Sailor venus: i think she's the evil twin of Usagi hear to make مزید happiness she was my favriote before my sister took her anyway she is one of the best senshi (number 4!) Sailor Moon:
she is the funny one one of my faves she can be a Crybaby but strong!.Sailor Uranus: sailor uranus (i call her haruka in real life) is the man looking one and kinda مزید manly in my eyes then the others one of my sisters faves. Sailor Jupiter: yes آپ know it the strong then Manly but she is alot of peoples Favioite i would'tn say fave but one of the bests. Sailor Saturn: other Fave in پرستار world she's at least one of my faves after...yeah anyway she's strong and indepentet. Sailor mars.War! her father says ha ha ha she's my third Favriote just love love love her: Sailor mercury drive me mercury¨! she's my سیکنڈ fave: SAILOR PLUTO¨! my apsaloute Fave she's the strongest of the senshi ( i diddn't make that up) and the hottest of the group she can be sad but angry uhehehe