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posted by Shadow5772
Well everyone, this is the first song I've ever written. I hope آپ enjoy it! ;)

I'm sitting at my ڈیسک thinking about what to say
Cause for a while there it all seemed okay
And everybody seems to be letting me down
But when you're here I turn my frown upside down
When my life starts to turn out right
And I always get what I please

I know

Oh, I know

That the دل will heal
That's all that it takes
Just take a step and have a little faith

Oh baby

Oh baby

The دل will heal

From دن to night it all seems alright
And no one seems to have any fights
But then I saw آپ had a problem with your best...
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 Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
[Soulja Boy Tell Em Verse]

Man it's ridiculous, I got آپ so delirious
Kiss آپ through the phone, while I lick آپ just like liquirish
I'm hold back in 96, and آپ can be my Shasha Fierce
Baby آپ so sexy, I love the way them jeans fit
Put آپ on my team list, Call آپ miss bezzy.
I'm Soulja Boy Tell Em, I can make yo life so easy
And if آپ don't believe me, please don't tease me
Delirious for my love, better yet I got آپ phenen

[Verse 1: Taylah P]
Hey over there what's your name
Are آپ for real
Is this a game
You start to smile
And I do the same
I look away but آپ remain
Your eyes starin back...
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posted by Winnie222
When I was 11 I auditioned for a competition called the Echt factor(I know it's a cheesy name:D) After the audition I was really anxios to know if I had been accepted. Then two days later when I came ہوم from school my parents were waiting for me.
" They called!" my mum کہا shaking her head.
I really thought I hadn't gotten through to the finals. But then it tuned out I had. I was sooo happy to have the chance to win something this big. But 1 ماہ 2 weeks later the practicing had paid off. I had won, I got handed my £150 and my medal, I was so proud and I got to shake hands with someone that knows an awful lot about music, he worked on the radio. Nothing much has changed since then, except that I am so much مزید confident than I was before the show.
posted by misscrazel
I can't beleve
The light that I see
When I walk through the door
But I'm laying here
With a broken heart
And I don't know what to do
Yeah, without you
Cause your my only dream but about our relationship baby
Oh it can't be mended
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh it just can't go on
Yeah it cant be mended
Oh your my one and only
But آپ don't really love me
Though your my greatest dream
I don't feel like I am yours
So I am leaving you
Oh it can't be mended
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh it just can't go on
Yeah it cant be mended
Even though I love you
I am gonna have to leave even though your my dream
Oh I'm gonna say good bye
posted by misscrazel
I don't know what it's about.

I say yes آپ say no oh,
I say yes آپ say no.
But I don't really care what آپ say.
'cause my head is bleeding,
My hair is wet.
My clothes are soaked and blood red.
Blood dying out,
I say yes آپ say no oh
I say yes آپ say no.
If آپ love me I will hurt you.
Oh waoh oh waoh
Oh waoh oh yea wawawaoh oh oh,
Oh I say yes and آپ say no oh
I say yes آپ say no
Waoh oh waoh

Please تبصرہ even if آپ hate it. It's not that good. Oh also please شامل میں my club "funny cat videos"
posted by jointhehunt
this is my third song---hope its good

گلابی peatals

red as a rose,
آپ all seem embarased,
when آپ throw down your sorrows,
let me know,
let me know

go pick a flower,
when آپ all belive,
that this time is ours,
tell me soon,
tell me soon

to belive,
we all need,
a chance to express ourselves,
to throw our own گلابی peatals.

when آپ find chance,
dont be araid,
find your own flow,
dont say no,
dont say no

if آپ belive,
in chance and آپ find it,
wre-unwind it,
dont take a big blow,
dont take a big blow

to belive,
we all need,
a chance to express ourselves,
to throw our own گلابی peatals

so for all آپ know,
youve always took chances,
know آپ know,
yuo always need more,
آپ always need more,
گلابی peatals
posted by xSiVePux
My very first song I've created,,
I don't know this is good یا not but at least I tried!

[verse 1]
I was lonely all the time
There's no one here with me
The thing that I could do was vacanting...
No matter where did I go
No matter when I was there
They couldn't consider me is one of them

But no longer at all
'cause all these experiences awake me from the dark
And last time just a past
When I was filled the look of moony
Then now I get the feel of loony...

I've got a brand new life
This sadness turning upside down
And I turn this frown to a crown
The happy life has just begin
There will be no...
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posted by elsafan1010
We've all watched Zoe Alexander, right? Zoe was a beautiful but mean girl who used the word 'Fuckin' all the time. My head hurts right now and my legs too. That's why I'm too lazy to even get up to get water, but I haven't put a single bite of food یا a drop of water in my mouth since morning. And that makes me sluggish, so I'll cut this مضمون short. What was I saying, when I first saw Zoe, I was disgusted with her because she was swearing, but then I learned her story. This is how Zoe described it in her YouTube video:

"Hi. I'm Zoe. Everyone thinks I'm really rude, but I have an explanation...
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