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posted by celebfan90
Steven Allan Spielberg is hands-down one of the most مقبول and revered directors/producers in Hollywood. But how much do آپ really know about this one-man wonder? Read below and find out!

1. What is Spielberg's middle name?
a. Ronald
b. Allan
c. David

2. Who was Spielberg's first wife?
a. Kate Capshaw
b. Nicole Kidman
c. Amy Irving

3. Which of the following films achieved box office records as the highest-grossing film of its time?
a. Schindler's List
b. Jaws
c. Saving Private Ryan

4. Where was Steven born?
a. Cincinnati
b. Chicago
c. Columbus

5. How many kids does Spielberg have?
a. 6
b. 3
c. 0

6. Which of the following films did Spielberg win Academy Awards for?
a. Jurassic Park
b. E.T.
c. Saving Private Ryan

Answers!!! (Remember, ladies and gentlemen, cheating is ill-advised).
1. b
2. c
3. b
4. a
5. a
6. c

All trivia provided سے طرف کی FindTheBest, an excellent resource for researching and comparing your پسندیدہ celebrities!
Did anyone hear that Stephen will be attending the Motion Picture Sound Editors awards on Feb 20th in Los Angeles?? Tickets are available to the public too, at !!

Every سال the MPSE honors a film maker in addition to their own sound editors.

Last سال George Lucas was the film maker of the سال and was there. The سال before it was Clint Eastwood!

Tickets are available now at and at 818 506 7731.

This is a black tie event and will be held in the California balroom of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel (the same hotel where "True Lies" and "In the Line of Fire" were filmed)
Hi Mr Spielberg,

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