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posted by trentgwenfan1
THE اگلے دن
gwen whats so funny
trent i don't know ارے y r there magain لومڑی picus on my locker
gwen i don't know
SOME GUY ارے trent oh i c your busy with magin لومڑی
trent I WAS ONLY 8!!!!
duncan ارے y is everyone laugheing *gasp* did u 2 do something embrassing
gwen no but someone came up 2 trent and کہا sometthing about magain لومڑی
duncan how did they fighure it out
trent i don't know
izzy ارے u guys know 6 poeple 2day have asked me adout bevreages thats so weird
courtney u say that like your not
owen ارے i have compition cuz everyine i giveng izzy soda and i have not even...
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don't want 2 b a couple idiot

don't want 2 make retared commets

and go i look like hostest

i never leared my alabet fom LT

some شائقین r rape ingunwi and we don't need 2 do this it's not right

us fighting is like detintion accross the fan[pops nathon we all just need 2 suck it up

well maybey yhere r some skank couples

we don't need 2 say that on the fansite

we don't need 2 رپورٹ poeple in r agenda

and take a look at the f*g tdi's heather

some شائقین r rape inganewi and we don't need 2 fight thats not right

y r we even fighting accross the fanpos nathion we shouldn't worry about fight at all

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trent good how was yours
owen one word eat
trent ok
duncan ارے guys
owen and trent hi duncan
duncan i had a wild summer how about u
owen i won the natinal eating contest
duncan intresting ارے have u seen courtney
trent no
owen not me
gwen hi courtney
courtney hi gwen how was your summer
gwen good how was your
courtney fantastic i finally got a break from duncan
gwen have u seen izzy anywhere
courtney no
izzy *sibgs down a rope* ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ارے guys how was your summet
gwen good
izzy oh we better get 2 class
courtney dose she get weirder every summer
gwen mabye
gwen *site سے طرف کی trent *
trent ارے babe
gwen hi *kisses trent*
courtney ارے guys do u want 2 come over 2 my house 2night
ALL sure
duncan y
courtney i have this new game i want 2 play i larned it in the summer
duncan ok
posted by trentgwenfan1
trent i think i c someone
duncan ارے what is gwen,courtneey,izzy and birghette doiing up and they r doing something weird
owen lets go check it out
courtney no one should nknow that were goddess ever
izzyy can't we tell the guys they can keep a screat
gwen *slaps izzy* if anyone finds out were still alive we could get killed
izzy ohh
geoff *snezess *
brighette whos thear
owen mice
gwen ohh crap
courtney what r u giys doing out here
trent we heard talking and we wanted 2 c what u were doing
gwen do u have 2 bother everyone
duncsan no
trent we can...
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added by Random9747649
Source: Google
A lot has changed since we have seen the sisterhood, however they are all still befriends despite there personalities, for example Gwen is a Goth girl, Bridgette is surfer chick, Courtney is the uptight preppy and Roxi is the wild child (don’t ask how Roxi got that name). Anyway it turns out the all live in the same place a small town in Canada called Rosewood.

A girl with long dark brown hair almost black with one یا two streaks of green, بنفشی, وایلیٹ helmet, black baggy jeans, white jacket, purple t-shirt, black gloves and a دل shaped necklace. She is skateboarding through the streets of Rosewood...
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Gwen:Courtney.Courtney!Courtney:Gwen,leave me alone I'm trying to sleep.Gwen:Fine I'll leave the قلعہ alone.Courtney:What!?!Gwen:Pack your bags we are leaving the castle.Courtney:What!?!Gwen:Would آپ stop saying what?Now listen I'm tired of being watched and I don't want to be trained.What do say?
Courtney:No!I'm the good one in this family and I want it to stay that way.Gwen:No it's just that you're in love with the servant with a mohawk.Gwen's P.O.V Her face turned as red as a beet.I had her right where I wanted her.Even though I knew she liked him I had to give her a reason to leave.Gwen:If...
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posted by Fangirl99
brooke:im A GIRL. i called آپ here for a couple switch. wheres noah?
noah:im i dating heather یا cody?
brooke:idk theres a lot of fake,heres the deal.we are going to switch everyone.
gwen:whos with who?
brooke:heather with um,cody.kathie&trent.duncan&hmmgwen
brooke:courtney and dj.
noah:why are these couples os redicoulouse?
brooke:caus,it helps with views.katie and noah.alijendro with,qith,ith,hoqw bout lindsey.
brooke:tyle and bridgeete.geoffe,and owen
owen:why do i get a dude?
brooke:we had nonco,so we need a yaio couple. thats it,right?oh,izzy,your with harold,and leshawan with,ah,we need an extra dude.
chris:ill be of assitance.
leshawna:im with-faints.
brooke;not suprised. so,next,nopw that were all mixed up,you guys all gott go on a double date,now,pick peeps. AFTER the break!
So far, it seemed to be a good night at the کلہاڑی, تبر Tavern. Everyone’s spirits were high at the moment. آل, علیہ السّلام flowed from numerous barrels and into mugs that could have used a good spit shine, not as if the patrons actually cared. Their lips were curved into goofy smiles from all the بیئر that they were drinking. Just سے طرف کی the way they were all dancing; آپ could easily assume that at least half of them were drunk. However, آپ couldn’t fully blame them. Everyone wanted to celebrate as news had just come around that the Queen's two daughters had just come of age for marriage. Most of the people...
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Fast آگے to Lunch-time with Roxi and Bridgette*
“Where are they, they کہا they meet us out here” Bridgette and Roxi were outside waiting for Gwen and Courtney, they were going out for lunch like they always do every first دن of school.
Roxi was beginning to grow impatient, she hated waiting. What was taking them so damn long, if the don’t اقدام it they’ll have to actually eat the school food. That thought made Roxi puke in her mouth a little bit but who could blame her, dirt off the ground would taste a million times better.
“Hey, Gwen’s here but where’s-“ “STOP FOLLOWING...
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posted by DarKnessQuEen
Ok First let me tell آپ wat they r 1st. Some of them are the same...
Trent:A Werewolf
Gwen:An WaterBender
Geoff:A Monkey
Courtney:Cat Girl
Noah:A Mole
Owen:A Gorilla
Izzy:A RattleSnake
Eva:A Tiger
Justin:A manly,hot,and sexy adventurer!!!
Heather:An ugly,annoying,short Troll
Ezekiel:An airbender
Katie and Sadie:Firebenders
Me/Anna:A witch (Good cute witch)
Harold:A dog
Beth:A turtle
DJ:An eagle
*At the creature School*
Courtney:Hey guys. *Sees a mouse* Mouse!!! *Chases it* Duncan:Babe...Heal!!! Courtney... I have yarn. * Pulls...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
Trent: i hate آپ duncan
Duncan: why?
Goeff: dude آپ got us in juvie
Duncan: well your right but we all get to make one phone call we call on of the girls and tell them to get us.
Trent: good luck with that
duncan:shut up آپ go first.
trent: fine
trent:*calls gwen*
gwen:*moans* hello
trent: ارے its me duncan got us in jail and we need آپ to come over here
gwen:fine*hangs up*
duncan:you are such a softy like she is going to come she seemed egsasted آپ need to wake them up
trent: oh its my fualt i'm not the one who got us in jevie
duncan: just give me the phone*calls courtney*
courtney:what duncan
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posted by trentgwenfan1
tyler *moans* owen quit stop liking my foot *wakes up* AHHHH *falls *knocks gwen,trent,courtney,duncan,leshawna,herold,and brighette and goeff off the tree*
tyler sorry i was being liked سے طرف کی raccones
duncan yes liked it is not like they were buting
trent well were awake know what do u want to do
gwen i don't lnow
trent*puts his arm around her*
courtney maybe BRIGHETTE can start finding shelter sense SHE bruned down are tent
geoff ok r u ever going to let that go
goeff well
trent well go to
gwen fine
duncan and me courtney...
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posted by trentgwenfan1
duncan so that is how we play
courtney yes if u role a even number u have 2 tell us something embarousing if u role a odd u have 2 do something descusting
owen ok lets start
courtney ok duncan gose first
duncan *roles a 6*
courtney ok go on duncan
duncan ok well when i was 3 i ueset 2 play with my sisters doles
gwen and trent *laught
duncan i thought the were action fighures
courtney ok duncan u can say who gose اگلے
duncan ok trent
trent oh crap *roles a 2* ok when i was 8 i had a crush on magain لومڑی
gwen *slaps trent * *kisses trent*
trent but i like u better
duncan ok who's اگلے
trent izzy
izzy *roles a 7*
courtney ok lets think of something totally descusting *gasps* i got it izzy u have 2 role in your 5 least fav bvrages
izzy ok dr. peper lemomade oreange crush sprite and mountain due *dives in the pool of beavrages*
posted by trentgwenfan1
trent were r we
duncan how am i supost 2 now geoff has the map
goeff i to.ld u owen eat it
owen sry i was hungruy
duncan uhhhhhhhhh
trent whiat i c a house
duncan ok lets go in it
duncan ohh i c 3 hot babes over there
trent uh thier not that cute
owen r u jpkeing the girl in the green cought my i
goeff i like the girl in the ocanwe blue dress
dunca well i likee the girl in the gery
trent we'll u guys drul over them i am going in the other room
duncan have fun
trent wow it is nice in here
trent ah oh i'm sry is this your room
gwen yes...
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