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"Hey Courtney, how are آپ doing.!"said Bridgette, in a cheery manor.
"Oh, I'm doing alright Bridge."sighed Courtney."How about you?"
"A-o.k.."She said,"So, are آپ hungry for some food?"
"No, not really Bridge."Courtney said,"And to be honest with you, I just wanted to take آپ up on that offer and relax in your pool. I'm sure I'll try آپ سامن, سالمن spread later."
"Oh, o.k. then,"said Bridgette,"so آپ want to go swimming right now?"
"Well yeah,"said Courtney,"so why don't we go to your room. Change into our bikini's and go swimming."
"Cool!"said Bridgette, even though she forgot that Gwen was upstairs,...
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Trent's P.O.V
I just can't win! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't be left alone. Not that I mind my دوستوں finding me, it's just that I still needed مزید space. Heck, I'm glad to see that there are still others who still care about me. But man, I sure hope they don't smother me.

So when they got to their cars, Courtney said,"Come on Trent, I'll take آپ home."
"O-oh no Courtney," کہا Geoff,"he's coming with us."
"Yeah Courtney," کہا Bridgette,"I mean no offence but we want to keep an eye on him, o.k.."
"Well, I guess." Courtney said.
"Hey, do آپ mind if I may choose who I ride with?"...
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When Trent finally got ہوم he parked his motorcycle outside of his garage. He went into his house,threw off his ہیلمیٹ and headed into his room. There, he took off his leather جیکٹ and slammed it on the ground.
After that,he sat down on his bed,put his hands on his face and cried. He felt really sad and lonely. misery and despare had finally got to him.

Trent's POV: My whole life blows! Not only did I leave my دوستوں behind but I lost everything! I lost my girlfriend to a total b@$^@#d. I lost my nerve to دکھائیں my face to public and I lost my dignity to go on living! I feel like such a jackass,...
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posted by ARadomperson
My last Gwent story was quite popular…THANKS GUYS! So, I decided to write a سیکنڈ one. Please, enjoy!
Disclaimer: Nope, I STILL don't own TD!

Trent's P.O.V
I sighed, looking at my room. It was a mess. Guess my little brother was here, while I was competing for a million dollars… and Gwen's heart. I still love her. Who wouldn't? She is so amazing! With her drawing skills, that always made me proud of her, with her smile that always lighted up my world…She was my inspiration, my reason to compete! But than, I became too possessive. I should've known. Gwen doesn't like to be دیا orders....
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posted by cooleeo
Gwen's pov!
i sat up in my bed. tired,grouchy,and tired. i looked over at my clock...7:05. i groan and lay back down. then my phone vibrates. i got a message from Trent. it said,you up sunshine? i giggle,and text back,i am now. he text back,sorry,did i wake آپ up? :{ i text back,not really. he text back,sorry. i کہا it was okay. he text back,:} cool,pick ya up for فلمیں around...9? i text back yes. i got out of bed,and went to go take a shower. i get out and put on my normal clothes,then i go downstairs to get some breakfast. "morning dear."my mom said. i smiled and sat down. she sat my plate...
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As days went by, Trent waited for Gwen to call him so he could talk to her. Unfortunately for him, he received no calls from Gwen yet. Until one day, he finally received a call from the same mystery number he was getting for the last few weeks. And once again. he received no answer over his cell phone.
"Hello?...Hello is anybody there?"He asked. But all that he heard was a sigh and a moan.
"Listen Gwen, I know that it's you, the game is over."said Trent. "Will آپ please just talk to me?"
When she heard this, she became really terrified. And fast as she could, she immediately hung up her cell...
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