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Noah:Hey Cody 😏
Cody: Hi N.N.Noah
Noah: Are آپ nevers 😝
Cody: N.n.nooo
Noah:ok whatever 🥵
Cody: y.y.y.your cute🥺
Noah: Awww thxs boo🤤
Noah:your adorable
Cody:no I’m not 😤
Noah:aww my little codwy mad
Cody:I’m not
Noah:awww your so sexy when آپ mad
Cody:I’m not 😏
Noah:kiss me baby 🥵
Cody:*kisses Noah*
Noah:*kisses cody*
Cody: ارے Noah
Noah:yeah babe
Cody: I love you
Noah: I love آپ مزید bc آپ make me hared🥵🤤

HMU for part 2
—Alexa Abbie
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