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Not my video! I just found it on youtube.
did did did!
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posted by Animetama
I opened my eyes as they chased across the pitch black room. But of course, I knew exactally where I was~ ♥

Holding my love tightly to my chest as he slept like a baby in my arms~!

But he wasn't there, we had won the last challenge back in Japan, but I....I began to freak out!

Oh my only true love! My litte adorable Cody! Where did آپ go?! Why aren't آپ here?!

I was chocking on the air around me, my throat tightend and a tear droplet escaped my right eye. But then I stopped at thought to myself, that maybe he was somewhere else wondering around the airplane? It's not like he got kiddnaped!...
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posted by Raven9087
Codys Prov:

I was so glad I was off that island and Im glad Noah lived right down the سٹریٹ, گلی from me cuz we were really close and all and we gaved each other our addresses and cell numbers. Now tht school was starting I could call him to ask him wat classes he got
Cody:Hey Noah its Cody did u get ur classes yet??
Noah:Yah My homeroom teacher is Mr.Martenez
Cody:Me to
Noah:So tht must mean were in the same classes then huh
Cody:Yepp I g2g cloths shopping txt u l8er
Noah:K bye

Noah Prov:

Im so glad me and Cody are in the same classes cuz I like him but I couldnt tell him tht یا else he will...
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