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The bathroom کنسرٹ series idea came from a Youtube sensation Rin on the Rox. These 2 girls performed in their bathroom because of the acoustics.
What happened? Who where there? All is to be found here:

Ellen's Bathroom کنسرٹ Series Begins!

Ellen began her very own کنسرٹ series and her first guest was none other than Pink! This series does stray just a bit from the norm because it happens to take place in a bathroom!

Ellen Sings in the Bathroom with John Mayer!

Ellen's Bathroom کنسرٹ Series continued in a duet with Grammy-winner John Mayer! Watch as the two of them put their own special...
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ارے y’all! I just wrote a song about “Finding Nemo 2” and put it up on YouTube. آپ can watch it here: link Let me know what آپ think! And if آپ like it, please send Ellen an email!
finding nemo
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Hi Ellen, My name is Peggy Stark from North Platte Ne. I belong to a group of women called the Army of Angels. We hold fund raisers for people in our community. Most of the time it is for Cancer victims, we have done benefits for a lot of children. We have also donated to people for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Whether it be food یا gifts we try to make as many people happy during the holidays.
We are all just middle class citizens but love what we are doing.
We all love آپ and your دکھائیں we were talking one night at one of out meetings about how fun it would be to come to your show. I thought well I guess I should write آپ a letter and see if that would be possible. Most of us are in out 50's and 60's but we do have a few young ones in their 20;s.
Just want to say thank آپ for what آپ do for everyone آپ are amazing. Have a wonderful دن Ellen and God Bless.
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