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spiderpig مکڑی pig he dos whatever a spiderpig does can he سوئنگ, جھول from a web no he cant cause hes a pig look out here come a مکڑی pig
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20th Century لومڑی ویژن ٹیلی
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It all started out as an ordinary day, man. Mrs. Krabaple, my stupid teacher wanted us to do a
project on the most intense, exciting دن of our vacation. Truth is, I actually DID my project, instead
of getting my dog, Santa's Little Helper to eat a piece of paper with the alphabet and some made
up curse words Milhouse made up that I thought were dumb. Anyway, all these kids had these boring
stories, while I was remembering mine:
It started two weeks ago, when Homer came home, not miserable یا went to Moe's before coming
home. He seemed so giddy and excited.

Homer: Marge! Kids! Come to the living room!!...
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