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“Damon, I feel sick” Elena moaned. The racing had made her feel nauseous. And her neck beat painful. Damon braked, but kept Elena in his arms. He examined Elena’s wound. “That looks awful”
“It hurts” she complained. Her face was withdrawn and she gagged, but didn’t throw up. Damon pulled her up and held her with one arm. His other arm he brought to his mouth and bit. He held the wound against Elena’s lips. “No” Elena groaned. “I don’t want that. It’s disgusting”
“You have no choice. I’m not letting آپ die” Damon said. “Come on, drink”
Elena averted her head.
“Elena, don’t make me force you” Damon reproached. Elena startled and looked anxiously at Damon. Then she reluctantly opened her mouth and drank Damon’s blood. She curled her nose and shivered. “God, that’s horrible” she کہا hollow.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought when I tasted human blood for the first time” Damon replied.
“You can put me down now” Elena کہا soft. Damon carefully put her down, when someone collided to her and pushed her in Damons arms, causing them to tumble town. “I think we’ve had this before” Damon smiled, before Caroline pulled Elena up.
“I’m sorry” she apologized. “You okay?”
Elena nodded, while Damon stood up. “How did آپ escape?” he asked Katherine.
“We didn’t” Katherine shook her head. She looked over Damon’s shoulder, but Damon looked ahead.
They were slowly encircled and they got closer to each other.
“Okay, if someone could come up with a brilliant plan that would be really great” Caroline said.
The wolfs came their direction and viciously growled. Spittle drip over their cheeks as they showed their fangs.
“Hence why Klaus didn’t bother to go after us” Damon said.
“And why he didn’t stop me from going in” Katherine added.
The wolfs were only a few yards away from the quartet when all of a sudden they howled and lay down.
“What’s happening?” Elena asked surprised سے طرف کی their sudden change of act. Caroline pointed at something behind Elena and thus Elena turned around to see Bonnie in full action.
“Isn’t that like really dangerous for her? Can’t she get killed using that much power?” Caroline asked concerned.
“Bonnie can handle herself a lot better than آپ think” Damon replied, while they waited for Bonnie to catch up with them.
“Where’s Tyler?” Caroline asked as soon as Bonnie was at hearing distance.
“He’s out somewhere” Bonnie answered. “I felt آپ needed my help, so I had to stop the incantation on him and اقدام it to these”
“He’s going to be okay, right?” Caroline asked scared. Bonnie didn’t answer that.
“Let’s get out of here” Katherine suggested. “Stefan’s car’s parked outside the woods”
“We don’t all fit in there” Damon said. “Elena, why don’t آپ go with Caroline and Bonnie? Then Katherine and I will just go in our own way”
“But I want to stay with you” Elena protested.
“Don’t worry, we’ll meet at the Boarding House” Damon said. “Come on, be a big girl now, Elena”
Caroline grabbed both one of Elena’s and Bonnies hands and dashed them with her.
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So, here we are at our March FOTM, and KatherinePierce is the winner! I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say that she really deserves this, so congrats Corrie! <3

Here's the interview;

1. How do آپ feel about being nominated as TVD پرستار of the Month?
Oh wow. It was so surprising. I honestly don’t feel like I deserve this. I can think of at least ten people off the سب, سب سے اوپر of my head who are مزید deserving. Thank آپ to everyone who voted for me XD I love my TVD family.♥

2. Who is your favourite character?
My پسندیدہ female character is Katherine, and my پسندیدہ male character is Stefan....
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