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Name: Nolan Joey Hale

Age: 16

Birthday: June 1st

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Stereotype: The skater

Favorite Color: Red

Least پسندیدہ Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Bacon

Least پسندیدہ Food: Pancakes

Favorite Movie: None

Least پسندیدہ Movie: None

Possible Careers: Skater

Pets: Flask (Fish)

Relationships with ocs: Delilah Jarvis (ex), Claire Levy (ex, crush)

Relationships with TDI contestants: Heather (asked out and rejected) Bridgette (ex)

Family Members: Franklin Hale (father), Andrea Hunt (mother), Cameron Hunt (brother)

Theme Song: Sk8er Boi سے طرف کی Avril Lavigne

Fear: Breaking his skateboard, spiders...
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 The monster in this episode
The monster in this episode
(The Mine)
Courtney: Duncan! We shouldn't be in here!
Duncan: Oh come on! Nothing's going to happen.
Courtney: Please! We could get in trouble!
Gwen: Does it look like we care?
Duncan: I thought آپ were going to stop acting like a goody-goody.
Courtney: I am! I'm not a goody-goody anymore.
Duncan: mhm sure.
Courtney: Watch I'm going farther into the mine. (goes farther into the mine)
Gwen: How does that make her not a goody-goody?
Duncan: She's new at this.
(Courtney screams)
Gwen: What was that?
Duncan: It sounded like Courtney. What's-
(the ground starts to shake)
Gwen: What's going on?
Duncan: Earthqu-...
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