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Name: Jessica Marie Gonzales

Nicknames: Jessi (she prefers to be called that because she hates being called Jessica), Jess (by her brother)

Age: 17

Personality: Jessi's a sweet and caring girl but can have anger problems at times, she isn't very tough even though when she gets mad she can hurt anybody with her insensitive words, she's outgoing and loves outdoors, she's also very romantic, she's a charming young lady.

Likes: singing, dancing, outdoors, write poems, see romantic sunsets, hanging out with دوستوں and chocolate.

Dislikes: people that think they're better than everybody, mean people,...
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The scene opens up to دکھائیں a scene of a beautiful canyon, waterfalls, greenery, and many wildlife frolicking around blissfully.

“Ah, the beauty of America, pride, joy, freedom, and prosperity.” A voice says off screen as a scene of a large bus suddenly comes into view and Chris pops his head up in front of the camera with his big cheesy grin. “But forget all of that! We got a دکھائیں to do!”

Scene changes to Chris standing on سب, سب سے اوپر of the very large silver tour bus with the Total Drama Road Trip logo painted onto the side of it. “Welcome one and all to Total Drama Road Trip! The اگلے season...
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