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Okay, here are the rules. Pick twelve characters, either yours یا someone else's and answer the questions. Don't look at the سوالات until after آپ pick the characters. No cheating ;)

2) Kendall
3) Gabe
4) Lexi
5) Tori
6) Percy
7) Jeremy
8) Jamie
9) Millie
11) Star
12) Avril

1) [6], [7], and [8] all go out to dinner, where do they go, what do they eat, and who pays?

Percy: omgomgomg yay pizza!
Jeremy: *reading* Why are we at پیزا Hut?
Jamie: Because, cool kids go here for pizza..
Jeremy: ... -3-
Percy: I have no money tho...
Jamie: Neither do I..
Jeremy: Well don't look at--
*Jamie and Percy...
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posted by jadeISmaNAME
i have decided to do this, because they are funny to read XDDD

This meme will mostly be sexual, so be sure that your ocs arnt related, یا it will be awkward!!!


A) [1] starts flirting with [5], how does [5] respond?

B) [4] had a dream about doing dirty things to [2], when they see 2, they remember the dream and walks over to them? what do they do?

C) [3] has just made out with [7], what happens next?

D) [6] and [1] start dancing together, what kind of dancing do they do?

E) [5] walks into their bedroom and finds [2[ and [1] kissing( یا worse:P) on their bed, what do they do?

F) [4] goes...
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Zelda Alexandra Storm
Z, Zelly, Zela, and Ally are her nicknames
Zelda's DOB was March 1996 on the 30th
Her birthplace was in Frankfort, Kentucky
Her residance is in Keansburg New Jersey
Zelda's height iz 5"10
Zelda's weighs 135 pounds
Zelda's wears dresses a lot so she is size 16 for dresses.
Her clothing style is a preppy-prep school girl (she goes to a private academy) and her uniform looks kinds slutty, but not completely. Her dresses are up to the size of her hand. She likes to wear skirts too. She worries sometimes if she looks fat. Also, Zelda's hares jeans and sneakers and jewlery but she...
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Before آپ read: Okay I saw that post that Casey987 (Whatever his fucking name is -_-) wrote, But I'm just gonna say these now cause if I say it in a video... All آپ will hear is cursing. Abby آپ are not ugly trust me your georgous, Carlos your hair rocks xD, and Eli I know آپ stop TLA but just know your مضامین are amazing. I'm sorry I'm a fourteen سال old girl who usually never curses but he just pushed my buttons to the point where I couldn't take it. Like people just think it's all fun to make fun of people but dead پچھواڑے, گدا it's not at all. It causes emotional pain espechially if they...
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Chris: Last time on TDTM... Dance!!!! I decided to put the cast into 3 group's of four with our three special guess stars. In the end it was Jordan, Nicko, Brenden, and Timothy who won invincibility and it was bye bye Ava. Who will win it next? Find out on Total... Drama... The Movies!!
(Theme song)

Jordan: Final 11. Yes! Who knew I'll make it this far... Well I did come in late. But I'm so happy to still be here with Lia... I mean on the show! I'm so happy to be on the show... Hehe. Aaa.. (runs out)

Spike: I'm glad I had no ووٹ ^-^. I hope it stays like that x3. Oh, and sorry,...
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posted by sorandom15
1. Do not look at the سوالات beforehand
2. Tag three people to do this meme
Introduce 8 of your OC’s:
1. minka
2. kelsey
3. wisp
4. lily
5. brenden
6. bridgette
7. zelda
8. kiari

1. [3] and [6] are hungry. They look in the fridge. But there is only one chocolate bar there. Do they decide to share it? یا do they fight over it? Who and how?

wisp: wanna share

bridgette: sure ^^

2. [1], [5], [8] and [7] end up in a forest. Alone. At night. What does each of them do?

minka: why did we come in here anyways?


zelda: -.- and im the younger sister *climbs up in tree* goodnight everybody...
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فہرست 10 characters.

1. Serenity
2. Lana
3. Ellie
4. Rhys
5. Zara
6. Mitch
7. Aaron
8. Jem
9. Valentine
10. Jackson

[1] Out of all ten characters listed, which one is the most intelligent? Who is the dumbest?
Aaron: *stands awkwardly* i just wana read my book!
(serenitys the dumbest i guess and aarons the smartest)

[2] What is the worst crime (9) has ever committed?
Mai: i dropped strawberrys milkshake on jais shoes...

3] (1) and (4) must fix a رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا together. How do they cooperate in the kitchen? What kind of food do they fix, if any at all?
Serenity: LETS...
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posted by Zmidy313
فہرست 10 characters.

1. Percy
2. Erik
3. Jai
4. Jamie
5. Kendall
6. Lexi
7. Tanner
8. Tori
9. Collin
10. Star

((Mainly newest OCs no one knows XD))

[1] Out of all ten characters listed, which one is the most intelligent? Who is the dumbest? ((Omfg Percy is the smartest XD))

I would say.. Kendal, is the dumbest
Kendall: Hey!

[2] What is the worst crime (9) has ever committed?

Collin: Well, I چرا لیا, چوری کی my younger brother's girlfriend.. Se was too old for him anyway

[3] (1) and (4) must fix a رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا together. How do they cooperate in the kitchen? What kind of food do they fix, if any at all?

Percy: OHH! CAN WE MAKE...
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Sorry it's so short. I have all these plans for them in my fanfics so I wasn't sure how to write this and yeah...

Pierce's POV
Has someone ever appeared in your life, and آپ just knew straight away they’d be something special? Well… something like that happened to me a while back.
I had been a huge پرستار of Total Drama my entire life, and I’d always hoped to be on something like Total Drama World Tour where everyone got to sing, and I got that chance when I auditioned for “Total Drama Musical.” When I got onto the show… it wasn’t the singing that made the experience for me. Nope....
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posted by Zmidy313
m lame, so I'm making one of these. Let's all throw fruit at Rachel and tell her how much she sucks.

So. Choose ten OCs یا whatever.

1. Kendall
2. Dylan
3. Gabe
4. Abigail
6. Ian
7. Ethan
8. Selena
9. Paige
10. Boxxy

1. 5 and 6 decided that skydiving is a wonderful idea. However, 5 accidentally takes a parachute bag thing that, for some reason یا another, only has a carton of eggs in it. Does 6 even attempt to save them یا do they let 5 fall to their eggy death?

Ian: *crying his little eyes out*

2. 1 and 10 get into a rather sexual wrestling match. With Jell-o....
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posted by Zmidy313

- Pick 7 of your OCs in any order.
- Please link back to the blank.
- Enjoy. ;D


1. Boxxy
2. Paige
4. Cody
5. April
6. Diana
7. Austin

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would آپ like a donut یا milkshake?

Boxxy: HAI!!! EEEK! My name is Boxxy. That is the ONLY thing آپ can call me! I'm all donuts!

Paige: I'm Paige! آپ can call me............Paige! I like milkshakes.

Kat: I'm Kat, my real name is Katrina. I'll take a donut!

Cody: Hi! I'm Cody! My real name is Kohakku, I'm Japanese. I'll have a donut.

April: Hi! I'm April, and...
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Chris: Welcome! I am Chris and this is Total Drama YOLO!
Forrest: Thanks for introducing me.
Chris: ^//^. And this is Forrest~~.
Forrest: Hello:3.
Chris: He is my intern ^//^.
Forrest: Chris…
Chris: Oh, right, sorry. Anyway, right now are campers are enjoying Forrest’s delectable breakfast and their challenge will be revealed in a few ;D.
Lia: I can’t believe Chef got let go.
Riley: They just sent him on vacation.
Madelyn: But Chris کہا he will be ‘replacing’ him.
Jenny: That doesn’t mean that he is fired.
Joey: But what if he is?
Noah: Then hallelujah. I owe god and apology.
Iris: **giggles**...
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