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*Meredith is in front of a hotel*

Meredith: This is season two of the دکھائیں آپ all know and love, Total Drama Challenge. This season is going to assured to be even better due to the amazing cast this year, who also should be arriving any سیکنڈ now.... anyways, this season we're taking the contestants on a road trip! The contestants will travel around the world and compete in challenges that may be physical یا mental. Today, we are in the famous city of Miami. Other places will be voted سے طرف کی viewers یا سے طرف کی me. The hotel behind is where the winning team will be sleeping for the night. The losers...
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Ok r hand does a reveiw and he had no training I used my hone but اگلے week it'll be later
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Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama YOLO! Glad to see آپ actually CAME back. Our ratings were dropping.
Chris: I can’t make any jokes here, can I? -_-”
Chef: Nope. No one thinks you’re funny. I think when آپ torture Teenagers is funny, but other than that, nope.
Chris: Awwww…Do آپ really mean that, Chef? Well, it looks like this season we are hitting them hard.
Chef: >:D.
Lia: **enters mess hall followed سے طرف کی Isis and Iris** Excuse me, Chris?
Chris: What?
Lia: Where is breakfast going to be served?
Chris: Here. And there it is. **gestures to odd looking مالٹا, نارنگی substance**
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I've been trying to re-write some of my OCs' bios because they've changed since I last wrote them 8D


Name: Shawniece Monique Hatchet
Nicknames: Shawni, Shay-Shay, Miss Awful
Age: 16
Date of Birth: February 8
Height: 5'5
Weight: She refuses to tell.

Shawniece was born into an upper-middle class family with two busy parents and a loving older sister. Her parents were never around because they were caught up in work, trying to make it "big time" and rake in even مزید money. Despite their absence, they spoiled Shawniece rotten. Anything she wanted was hers.
When she was younger, she was usually...
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Name- Emberlee Valentia Foshay

Nickname(s)- Em, Emme, Ember, Lee, Jade, ایمیزون Woman

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Stereotype- The Extremist


Hair- Light brown and curly, flowing to the small of her back

Eyes- Green as jade

Skin Tone- Dark cocoa

Height- 6'5'' (She کہا she "got it from her mum")

Weight- 143lbs

Build- Lanky

Other- Often keeps her hair in a braid


Everyday- A short flowing green dress with bamboo sandles

Swimwear- Green bikini

PJ's- Green night gown

Formal: Green and blue strapless dress; swirly design

Accessories- Whenever she's feeling especially happy, she wears many clinky...
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Oh look who is back. The lame girl and her lame OCs. Yes
(Kendall POV)

1.) What's your name?
Kendall Fucking Brooks *smiles*

2.) Do آپ know why آپ were named that?
What kind of سوال is this?

3.) Are آپ single یا taken?
I'm dating the most wonderful girl named Serenity <3

4.) Have any abilities یا powers?

5.) Stop being a Mary-sue.
Fuck you.

6.) If آپ were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do آپ think you'd win?
Nah, I'm not scrawny, but I'm also not the buffest xD

7.) Have any family members?
Yeah, the usual

8.) How about pets?
I have to kitties. Well not kitties cuz they are...
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