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 Duncan flips off a پرستار <3
Duncan flips off a fan <3

* Duncan is one of the few campers to be seen in every episode (others being Owen, Gwen, and Heather) of Total Drama Island.
* Duncan is the sole surviving member from his team in the first two seasons. He is the only one to do so in the series.
* Duncan has competed the most out of all the characters in the series, the اگلے ones being Owen, Lindsay, and LeShawna.
* Duncan likes using terms of endearment for the girls. Besides calling Courtney "princess," he's called Gwen and LeShawna "sweetheart" as well. He has also used the terms "dear," "honey," "darling," "babe," "hot stuff," "gorgeous,"...
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I was walking toward the confessional to cast my vote for tonight, when a thought popped into my head. Maybe they won't miss me at the bon fire? I ran to the crowd of Killer Bass's and stopped 2 of them on their way to the camp آگ کے, آگ pit. "Hey! Katie, Sadie!" I whispered hoarsely. They turned around and smiled. "Hi Sofie!" Katie squealed. "SHHHHHH!!!" I کہا pulling on their shirts. They crouched down in the bushes with me and I whispered something in their ears. When I was done they smiled, nodded, and kept walking.
*Sofie confessional*

"Do I feel bad about ordering them to tell everyone not...
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