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posted by PoweredKaoru
I remember when I was little, I loved Disney and I still do today. I remember all the good Disney فلمیں like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Bugs Life, all the Disney Princess movies, Ect. That is the kind of things Disney was represented سے طرف کی and the things most people grew up with in their childhood.
Now if آپ were to ask a little kid what their پسندیدہ Disney movie یا دکھائیں is they would say somehting like Camp Rock یا Sweet Life of Zack and Cody! What happened to the good stuff? Now everything is about boyfriend and girlfriends, I even know an 8 سال old who has already dated someone.
Please تبصرہ on what your opinion is.
posted by deedragongirl
 The trios!
The trios!
Hi guys, so today I had just watch Toy Story 4 with my younger brother. I have to say that the story was really funny in it's own way, so here is my review!

The Story

I was actually sad that we got a glimpse of Andy during his childhood, but we did get to see Woody and his دوستوں have a new owner and 9 years prior to the rest of the film! They have also make some new toy دوستوں too.
The funny thing about this movie is that it reminds me a LOT of Ralph Breaks the Internet, especially the ending itself. I mean, I can understand that Pixar wants to break tradition, so I can't blame them for...
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posted by toystoryfan2
ارے howdy ارے my name is Rochelle and I am one of the biggest toy story شائقین ever. I have always love toy story ever since I was a child. I remember The first time I ever saw toy story. I was six years old and I was looking on the TV for something to watch when all the sudden I found it, toy story the best movie ever. The plot was amazing and so were the characters. But the character that Stood out to me the most was Sheriff Woody pride. I took an Instant liking to him because of how amazing, kind and selfless he is. He look like he would go through hell and back for his fellow toys.

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posted by nikaitla
Directed سے طرف کی John Lasseter
Produced سے طرف کی Ralph Guggenheim
Bonnie Arnold
Ed Catmull
Screenplay سے طرف کی Joss Whedon
Andrew Stanton
Joel Cohen
Alec Sokolow
Story سے طرف کی John Lasseter
Pete Docter
Andrew Stanton
Joe Ranft
Starring Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Don Rickles
Jim Varney
Wallace Shawn
John Ratzenberger
Annie Potts
John Morris
Laurie Metcalf
Erik von Detten
Music سے طرف کی Randy Newman
Editing سے طرف کی Robert Gordon
Lee Unkrich
Studio Pixar
Distributed سے طرف کی Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s) November 22, 1995 (1995-11-22)
Running time 81 منٹ
Country United States
Language English
Budget $30 million
Gross revenue $361,958,736...
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 Get The Game FREE!
Get The Game FREE!
Hi There Fans!

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I have just seen toy story 3 so i thought why dont i give a review? One the beginning was very funny,but i warn آپ dont get fooled. Andy is now 17 and heading off to college on Friday. There is his box of old toys. He puts all the toys,expect Woody in a garbage bag. He is planning on putting them in the attic. But brininng Woody to college.

Well the movie was very دل warming. But very,very sad. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the movie. Make sure آپ see this movie. If آپ have tears in your eyes یا cry dont be ashame. Its a sad, but good movie.

There is alot of new charters. Now well thats it.