TV Couples Out of my fav couples, which one is yours?

Pick one:
Tony and Ziva
Damon and Elena
Pacey and Joey
Mal and Inara
Ella and Jonah
Serena and Nate
Serena and Carter
Logan and Veronica
Buffy and Spike
Pacey and Andie
شارلٹ and Cooper
Lexie and Mark
Alex and Izzie
Tom and Lynette
Quinn and Puck
Meredith and Derek
Peyton and Lucas
Kelly and Dylan
Lucas and Brooke
Dean and Bela
Robin and Barney
Sookie and Eric
Phoebe and Cole
Tom and Anya
Sawyer and Kate
Peyton and Jake
Chuck and Blair
Cate and Baze
 celina posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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