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In a quiet room zero wash the face saying:
I love her but why?????????????why
she is a human and i am a vampire!!!!why!!!
she is in love kuran!why!(saying he grind)
why why why???????????? why me
i love her but she does not know I exist!!!!!!!!!
(saying he taking bloody rose to head)
suddenly someone knock
zero?you are here?(ask yuki)
yuki?you are?
yes!!!!(smile yuki)
zero jump on it
shut up now i'll talk and i talk I love you!
(saying he and kiss her)
I love آپ too (saying she kissing his)
^giving away coller yuki bite it^
yuki..... آپ are a vampire?
yes....(saying she)
what? since?(saying he astonished)
but آپ love kuran(saying he)
that آپ understand?oh no kaname is my broather no my love آپ are my love
what? so آپ are not a human?
no i am a vampire!!
both kiss
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posted by keturahk
well vampire knight is defiantly a great anime. the art is beyond amazing (as in it leaves آپ drooling >.< lol) the story line is great and touching. the powers of the vampires are wicked. every thing about the عملی حکمت is just wicked >.<!!!!. the way they kinda cut the عملی حکمت off annoyed me tho. i went to go read the manga but i couldn't find the patents to do so. so i just asked my دوستوں what the ending was in the manga >.<. but i loved the anime!!! like i کہا it was wicked!!!! even tho no one has gone threw the problems of a vampire before >.< آپ really feel like آپ can relate to them. its easy to fell the sympathy and compassion. the kickass-ness of this عملی حکمت blew me away. i just wish they would continue it but then again dont we all?? well over all if آپ haven't already seen it i would go watch it. its defiantly one of the few amines i would recommend. but if آپ dont have patents for love triangles and brief endings then it may be a bit trying for you.
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