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Voltron happens to be a دکھائیں where i like, یا at worst am neutral, about all the characters. But I'd like to share my favorites!

Number 8: Acxa

A very competent, loyal general. But she also knows when to not let herself be taken advantage of (Lotor thinking he could just axe a buddy with no explanation and still deserve 100% loyalty). A level headed friend makes her very likable to me.

Number 7: Hunk

Someone who will go to the ends of the earths for his friends... even if he can't promise not to grumble all the way. I really relate to his dry pragmatism, honest fear, and ability to...
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This مضمون will contain season 4 spoilers!

So obviously I loved team Lotor right from the start. Lotor, Acxa, Zethrid, Narti, and Ezor made a really awesome and kickass team. So I was shocked and devastated when the team rifted.

First and foremost; the death of Narti. I liked Narti a lot as a character and was hoping that we'd get to know her more--hopefully we can via flashbacks. So I was upset to see her go. However I can sort of see where Lotor was coming from in killing her. She had been infiltrated so to speak. She was taken over سے طرف کی (the amazing) Haggar and was basically a spy. Therefore...
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posted by zanhar1
As I do with all of my favorites, I decided to type an مضمون explaining why Acxa and Haggar are my favorites. As of now I like the both of them pretty equally. This مضمون has a few spoilers if آپ don't know Haggar's backstory yet.


I liked Acxa on sight; in fact she's the reason I began watching. She looks so much like Azula (whom I very obviously adore). Everyone was literally calling her, 'Space Azula' over on tumblr. So I eventually caved and decided to see what the hype was all about and why they were calling her Space Azula. I wasn't disappointed.

She is a lot like Azula in more...
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