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Diana: I'm your...
Flora: My what?
-Flora was waiting for an answer-
Diana: Your mother...
-Diana kept looking at her with concern about how would she take the news-
-Flora was speechless, she stepped away , turn away and run. Diana suddenly appeared magically in front of her-
Flora: Your lying
-She put her arms in her face cuz she was already crying-
Diana: Flora... آپ have to hear me
-Flora madly nodded-
Diana: When آپ were little I couldn't take care of آپ cuz the three ancestral witches were seeking and trying to find me and you, so they could took آپ away from me, and I will do everything they...
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posted by FloraBoricua
The trix

Darcy: How could she?
Icy: We have failed
Stormy: If we had caught Flora, we will had Diana سے طرف کی our foots
-Darcy kept thinking-
Darcy: I have a brilliant idea
Icy: What?.....

At Amazonia

Flora: Why آپ bring me here?
Diana: This is the only place where آپ can be محفوظ
Flora: From what?
Diana: Obviously from those witches
Flora: What they want from me?
Diana: They want to took آپ away so they can take control over me
Flora: How?
-Flora was very confused-
Diana: Flora... I hope آپ understand what I am going to say to آپ
-Flora kept silence-
Diana: I'm....
Flora: what?
-Flora was waiting for an answer-

--------I know it's too short, but I want to leave آپ in suspense. What آپ think she has to say?---
posted by Princess-Flora
Helia's P.O.V

I sat there in the گھاس waiting for you. I know it’s been two years since آپ have ran away from everything آپ ever knew, but I still hope for that دن آپ come home. I know آپ ran away to protect yourself, but I wish آپ would have told us why آپ left. So I found out for myself, and I now know آپ left because if آپ didn’t آپ would have been killed. I just hope wherever آپ are that آپ are happy. Also I just want آپ to know that no matter what I will always love آپ even if آپ have to اقدام on. I know the دن will come when I get to see آپ again even though I know...
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