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 I'm a proud florist
I'm a proud florist
So I have been on fanpop for sometime and decided it's time for me to say why Flora is my پسندیدہ character along with doing my سب, سب سے اوپر ten فہرست which I am currently working on. So here it is.
When I first watched this دکھائیں almost ten years پہلے I fell in love with Flora from the start. The six سال old me loved her because she looked like me the tan skin, brown hair with blond highlights and I realize now that I am older there is مزید than just looks I like about Flora. Sure some people don't like her because she is too nice, too sweet, too caring, talks...
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So here it is, hope آپ enjoy! ^_^

*The scene*
It was a nice, normal, Friday. Classes were over and the winx were in their dorm doing whatever. The sun was luminous, The birds were singing, and there was a nice breeze outside. One Flora couldn't resist to stand in. So she went on the balcony. Bloom was sitting on the سوفی, لٹانا sorting mail. She came across a گلابی envelope with Flora's name on it, in big fancy fonted letters. She brought it to her. Flora was caught up in the beauty of the view and didn't notice Bloom come out.

Flora quickly turned and looked at Bloom.
"You startled me,...
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Well we all arefans of flora but do we know about her style?
I do.
She likes to wear some thing that is based on a flower.
Like in the episode stella chose flora as the model because she is the one who looks perfect in a پھول based dress.
She is mostly seen wearing گلابی یا green.
She loves to be around nature so that is why she wears a پھول based dress.
In the 3D فلمیں she wears a dress designed with petals if آپ want to see it تلاش winx club flora in a dress.

See آپ اگلے Time!
posted by XxXFloraXxX
This is kinda a weird story, but I hope you'll like it! For your information, Flora is the princess of Linphea.

At Alfea:
Bloom: I'm bored...
Stella: I'm bored too. I even finished ma homework!
Musa (said with a smirk on het face): Than its really boring here. But the boys are waiting outside, so lets go!!

Stella (ran to Brandon): Snookoms!!
Brandon: Ah, آپ missed me?
The others gave eachother a hug too.
Sky: So, آپ guys wanna go to the cinema with us?
Bloom: Sure!

They went to Magix and went to the cinema:
Layla: So, wich film we're going to?
Nabu: That's a surprise honey.
When they sat down, the news started (yeah, its a weird cinema, they start with the news). And then they heard some awful news...

If آپ want me to continue, plz comment!
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