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 آپ always got me. But آپ were bad for me Ares. آپ Still are
You always got me. But you were bad for me Ares. You Still are
I here to talk آپ the truth behind Xena & Ares relationship from the Smashed hit series Xena Warrior Princess.

When Xena first met the God of War in "The Reckoning" in Season 1, the epsiode was about Xena being accused for murdering the villagers, somehow Xena was figuring that someone set her up to put in for trial for life. She knew who was "Ares The God of War", after she knew who was Ares talked her into to come back to fight be on his side to his Warrior Queen.

After for few epsiodes Ares was still not satisfied that Xena was still doing good. He changed to be her dead father. Ares...
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